Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Some of our friends that live in another part of Asia were in Chiang Mai this week :) They're in town to have a baby, so we caught up with them. Aashini had never met their son Archie before (they were both still "inside" the last time we saw them). They are only about 3 weeks apart, so they had a lot of fun playing with each other. They were pretty funny with each other during Lunch :)After lunch we took them to a really fun ball-pit play place. It was really cool and they had a blast!
Aashini's favorite part was the slide into the ball-pit.
I love this picture!
I wasn't sure if she would like it or not, but she really loved it :)
This picture makes her look so big!!
She slid down the slide over and over again!!
So, at the end of the fun time, Leslie and I decided to take a belly picture together (belly pictures are more fun to take with other people :)). The last time we saw each other, we were both pregnant - check out this picture: 2007 Belly Pic It was fun to get to hang out again!! In this picture I'm 17.5 weeks and Leslie is about 36 weeks I think....
We're still on vacation (without internet), so this is one of those posts I did earlier :) I'm sure we'll have some fun pictures on vacation!! I can't wait to post them!!


Erin G said...

those sliding pictures are awesome! your camera is so much better than mine!!

and what is it that's so stinkin' cute about a toddler in glasses?

Roberts said...

Archie is so cute, and seems so much older than Aashini than just 3 weeks somehow. I love all the sliding pics...some of them look like Aashini doesn't like it! So that's funny that she loved it. You and Leslie are really cute pregnant. I can't believe she's 36 weeks - she looks much smaller. And you always look so cute with just a teeny bump.

Anthony and Sharon said...

Isaac loves sliding too! It's so funny to watch him go by himself:)
Your belly is looking great! I think I was still just fakin' it trying to wear maternity clothes at 17 weeks...maybe the next pregnancy will have more belly sooner- though with that one I probably won't want to wear maternity clothes! HA!

Sara Beth said...

Love Chiang Mai! What fun!