Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last Day of "School"

This past week was awesome!! Aashini really had a blast!! She loved her teachers :) Here are her teachers and some of the kids below (except for me and the girl on the left - the others are teachers). They were so sweet :)Aashini was so sweet saying goodbye to all of her new buddies :)
I'm telling you, they really had a blast this week!! On the last day, some of the kids were so tired that while they were jumping & playing on this little cot/bed, they just passed out asleep :) These 3 slept through lunch :) They really played hard this week!!
Here's a belly picture with Ronald :) I'm 17 weeks here :)
We head out to the beach for vacation tomorrow - we're so excited - it's going to be a LOT of fun :) yay!!!


Roberts said...

Cute belly!! I love it that you're wearing camo and that Ronald is saying, "Sawadeekop!" in the background. Not a lot of people can have cool belly pics like that!

gloria said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!!!!Really cute tummy!lovegg
Aashini looks like she just loved it!!!!!