Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Playing ROCKS!!!!!

We have been "dragging" Aashini around this week - taking her all over the city to different people's house and everywhere else.... and although she loves it, we though it would be good to let her get out and play somewhere fun :) We went to the mall (because then we can eat somewhere cool afterwards :))... This is what the play area looks like. You pay about $2 for an hour to play here. In this picture you can see Adam & Aashini by the balls :)The balls are one of Aashini's favorites :) She's a little scared to be in them, but she keeps coming back to them over and over :)
Her other favorite are the magnets :) She'll put them all on the board and then take them all off - over and over!! :)
She LOVES to climb! When we take her to play at the park in the evenings, she always wants to climb a hill that's in the middle of the park... she thinks climbing rocks :)
The cars are one of her favorites now. She doesn't make them go, and doesn't really love driving around in them, but she loves sitting in them and getting in an out over and over :) haha! She really wanted the door to be on the other side of the car though - she would get so frustrated when it didn't open on that side... She's already ready for driving on the left side of the road! :)
... and one last picture in the balls :) I like this pic becuase you can see her little dimple a little bit if you look closely :)
We head out to Thailand tomorrow (Thursday), and I know Aashini is going to have a blast playing with her buddies all day long!!! We'll have plenty of pictures and posts to come ;)


Anonymous said...

I love to watch kids play in the balls because they never quite know what to do and it is such a weird feeling. She is getting so big!

Erin G said...

wow that play place is SO MUCH COOLER than the ones here!

I guess that's why it's not free. :(

Life in Green-Land said...

Man I wish we had one like that in our mall! I'd pay the $2 for sure! How fun & colorful! :)

Roberts said...

Aw she's wearing bangles!! SO cute! That play place looks awesome, and are y'all usually the only ones there?

Bronie said...

that looks like such a fun place! we used to have one of those "cozy coupes" when ryan was little. he would never open the door though; he just climbed in through the window so we called him luke duke. hahahaha

Sara Beth said...

You have to love indoor kid play places in Asia!!! That one looks REALLY clean compared to a lot of them though. Aashini is SO cute! I love her bangles!! If you can't fix her hair, at least she accessorizes!! There are several good indoor play places in CM if that is where you're going...Lotus has one and there is a good one in Central Mall as well as at the Carrefour (can you tell we lived in CM for 3 months waiting on a baby??). Have a great time in TL!! Can't wait to go in February!

gloria said...

wow, that looks like kids heaven!!!! She looks adorable standing on her tippy toes and all dolled up!lovegg