Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doctor Fun!

Between both me and Aashini having doctor's appointments, we've been at the doctor's office a lot lately. The other day we were the only ones there, so the nurses were taking Aashini back into the nurses' station and letting her play with all sorts of stuff.
Today we had to wait a while for Aashini's appointment - her doc is the 2nd in command for the NICU, so he was upstairs taking care of an emergency situation (our doctor appointments are at the hospital). Anyway, Aashini made a buddy, and they played together for about 30+ minutes. He was so cute :) In this picture, he's trying to show her how to write on the chalk board. They had so much fun running all around and playing :) It was cute! They really played well together.
Aashini had to get a little shot (which she didn't like at ALL!!!), and was still pretty upset about it when we got home - she would point to her little brown circle band-aid and say "boo-boo!"... Elmo band-aids help everything though! :)
We don't' have to go back to the doctor (either of us) for a month, so we have a break :) yay!


Anonymous said...

Poor Aashini!! No one likes getting shots! I love to see kids playing together, it is so nice!!!

Erin G said...

difference #5401 between there and here:

there, you can take pictures at the doctor because everyone isn't terrified of getting sued.


I think it's AWESOME how aashini makes friends everywhere she goes. what a little extrovert, and what a great way to approach people!!

Roberts said...

haha! I love how an Elmo band-aid made it all better. :) Those pics of her are super cute! YAY for a month free of appts!

Carrie said...

Ok so I have to ask - what is the sign next to the chalkboard referring to? I just notice the "Stop FEMA"

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Carrie - I'll post about that picture soon. It's actually a sign that says "Stop Female Fetocide" - aborting female babies is a big problem here.

alittlewater said...

oh man, shots. bummer. well at least you are done with drs. for a month. the doctors office looks so nice and yeah for elmo!