Saturday, June 6, 2009

Everyday Fun :)

Well, there's nothing too new going on in Aashini world... she's 19 months now - Crazy!!! She still loves dressing up, playing, eating, going to the park, playing with her friends, etc. I think she really enjoys being a toddler (except when she can't get her way :))
You know those ring-stacking toys? Well, Aashini now thinks that the rings are just big bangles for her :) haha! It's really funny when she wears all of them on one arm :) haha!
It's SUPER hot right now, so sometimes when we have free time we have been going to the mall. Aashini loves it because most of the time there aren't many people there, so she can just run all around the mall! She thinks it's awesome!
We're now at the phase/stage where one nap is too little but 2 naps are too many... One nap is about right now, but some days at lunch she is sometimes too tired to go on and just falls asleep in her highchair :)
Most nights we take Aashini to the park down the street to play. She LOVES the park. She plays with the other kids, climbs around, kicks her ball and has a blast :) Here she is about to go out to the park the other day :) This picture cracks me up!




Erin G said...

haha nathan has fallen asleep in his high chair too, right when he was going from two naps down to one. good idea to take a picture, she'll outgrow the habit soon!

and is she eating something GREEN? why is my kid the only one who won't do that?

man that child loves her accessories, huh? :)

gloria said...

That is toooo funny!!!!She is so color cooordinated with her big bangles and polkadotted dress!!!!!She cracks me up and her hair is really long + curly in that pic!

Brandon and April said...

I LOVED the transition to one nap a day! Eden did it pretty early so I was grateful, but some mamas really like the two naps. :)
her bangles are too cute! she seems like such an accessories girl!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Erin G - Aashini really loves green things. That's Zucchini on her tray... she LOVES broccoli too - it's funny. BUT - she doesn't like bread or pasta like most kids - she's a pretty picky eater :)

Carrie said...

Love the pictures!!!! She seems to be so much fun!!!!

Sara Beth said...

she's so cute! I love the sleep eating stage they go through when cutting out naps!