Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Aashini Update :)

So here is a random Aashini update :)She is still lovin' new friends :) She loves to play with other kids!
She definitely still loves jewelry! I got some bangles at the market the other day and the minute she got her hands on them, she put them on :) It was cute :)
Just last week, we got this table from some friends that are moving. Aashini loves it!
She's really into coloring lately too!
We got some blocks for her a few weeks ago. I've been really impressed with how she's been stacking them and building things - it's pretty cool!!
Her favorite thing about the blocks is the box that they came in :) She loves to sit in it and read a book (which wasn't the best when we were potty training :))
She loves playing in the park! She's starting to really like the slides!
This was taken about a month ago, but she LOVES to sleep with a lot of stuffed animals! She absolutely loves it!! She'll gather about 4 animals in her arms then roll over to her stomach to sleep :) It's cute :)
This picture makes me laugh! She's been really into climbing on things lately! The other day she climbed up on my sewing machine box when she thought we weren't looking. When I came around with my camera, she looked guilty! haha!

That's about it for now - she sure is fun!


Anonymous said...

I love the guilty picture!!She's like..."Oh man, busted!!" She is just so cool!

Erin G said...

she looks like such a big girl sitting there coloring. nathan has NO interest in coloring, but he does love his blocks!

Roberts said...

She DOES look fun!! I wish I could see her silly faces in person! You can definitely tell her hair is growing now.

gloria said...

shes so funny!!!!what a personality, it shows though in all the pictures. I just love all the little things that she does.

Carrie said...

She has the cutest outfits! I love the dress she has on in the first picture and the outfit in the last pic!!! She is def a cutie!

Bethany Faith said...

LOL she rocks! SO cute :) and the 'guilty' picture is adorable.