Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's getting Hot...

It's starting to get hot here. We don't really have a Spring here. We have Winter, then about a month of 70's to 90's temps and then it's Summer :) So, since it's about to be really hot, we decided to get a few summer supplies to get us (Aashini) through the summer :) The first thing we got was this huge beach umbrella. Last year when Aashini would go swimming, we would jerry-rig a sheet so that it sorta blocked the sun... so this year we decided to get this big umbrella (it was only $8!). Adam picked out the color :)We also bought a new small kiddie pool. We have a Big Pool that we used last summer, but we thought this pool would be better to use more often. The big pool is great for when other kids come to swim (or when Adam and I want to swim and cool off) but to use more often the smaller one is better. It's also great to use with Aashini's balls!
So, recently, Aashini has become afraid of baths. She screams through bath time. She loves the pool though!! She LOVES to play in the water (she's still a little leary of getting IN it though... I think she thinks it's too much like a bath!). Once it gets hot, this is going to be one of her favorite places!
So here she is playing in the shade!
Another picture of her playing :)
This picture made me laugh :)
This picture made me laugh too :) I like how you can see the pool in the reflection of her glasses :)
More pool fun to come! I think she's going to really enjoy it this summer!


Carie said...

I want to come swim with you guys! But we will need the big pool!!!hahahah!! She looks so cute in her shades! love the tongue sticking out! Great pics!!

Sara Beth said...

SHE IS SO CUTE!!! I love the shades. We have a similar one of Zion with hers. Girls have to have those accessories!

Erin G said...

man that pool looks refreshing! *I* kind of want to get in!!

Brandon and April said...

ohhh cool little pool!!! I think Eden needs one just like it!
Aashini is such a cool girl in those glasses! :)

Roberts said...

She's such a Florida girl, loving the pool like that. :) The umbrella was a great idea! I bet your balcony looks festive from the street.