Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing with Friends :)

We went over to our friend's house yesterday, and Aashini had sooo much fun playing with their kids! Here is Aashini playing with Ashish. He's 4 months younger than Aashini. They kept trading toys - they thought it was fun :) Aashini did steal a few toys from him, but he did his share of stealing from her too :)
Aashini had the most fun playing with Daniel. He had a tricycle that his Aunt and Uncle gave him. Aashini would sit on it and Daniel would push her around :)
Then he would sit in it and she would try to push/pull him around too :) It was so funny! She would pull so hard and grunt a lot - it was awesome :)
This picture made me laugh :) She had her finger way-up her nose! She doesn't really do it that often (yet), so it was funny when she did it here - I think it was an accident because she kinda made a funny face afterwards :) haha! She REALLY loves her bellybutton now! She always wants to stick her finger in it and she says "bel-buh".
After we were finished hanging out with Deepak and his family, we decided to go to our favorite Turkish place for lunch. We've become friends with the owner and usually talk to him for a little bit. Yesterday, his daughter was there hanging out :) She LOVED Aashini, and just took her hand and walked all around the courtyard area with her while we ate. Aashini had so much fun. She just held her hand and walked around with her for about 30 minutes. It was sooo cute!
You can see the Turkish Restrauant in the background :)
After that full day of playing with other kids, Aashini was exausted!!!!!!!!!
Here's another funny "fish face" picture :) She's gotten good at her fish face trick and can even do it all by herself :)


Anonymous said...

She is AWESOME!!! What great pictures. Does the Turkish place have Doner Kabobs? those are so good!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

YES!!!!! We have the Doner Kabob Wrap every time we go - The Doner Kabobs are the best!!!!

Erin G said...

this might sound weird, but I fell in love with doner kabobs when I lived in germany. (there are a lot of turkish people there... and like here, with the mexican poulation, the 'natives' tend to look down on them but still gobble up their food!) glad you had a fun holiday!

so cute to see aashini being raised with exposure to so many different cultures!

Roberts said...

I don't remember that restaurant...is it run by a Turkish guy or an Indian?

Isn't it so fun to see our girls playing with other kids now?? I mean, we called what the two of them did playing back when they were 5 months old, but now they're REALLY playing with other kids! :) I wish there were pics of Hazel on this blog, getting to play with silly goose Aashini!

Carrie said...

I love looking at all the pictures - so cute!!!

gloria said...

OMgosh, I love to see her playing with other kids, thats the most fun and the best learning experiences for her too!!!Thats fuuny that she grunts when she pushes the trike!!!!
What is a Doner kabob made of??? Do you think I would like it???

Dugi said...

Republic day cuteness!