Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Funny Fun :)

We have a funny little play Mobile (Cell) Phone that we bought for Aashini before we left to go go America. It makes me laugh because it has a "Barbie-type" doll on it but it says "BENIGN GIRL" haha!

It didn't come with batteries, and we didn't get around to it before we left, so the other day, Adam got some batteries for it :) It plays loud Hindi / Bollywood music and it's hilarious! You can see a video (below) of Aashini dancing to it :) (she was covering up the speaker, so it's not that loud in the video) :)

And this picture just made me laugh :)


Aliciaq said...

Benign Girl? A little weird... but I guess its better than Barbie Girl - right?

The video is so cute! I love her skirt!

And that face? Priceless! Emma has starting making the same face and it cracks me up every time!

Oh, and can I tell you thank you for the "You rock"? Just two little words... but coming from you they make me smile every time! THANKS!

The Garretts said...

She is adorable!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Alicia - you're so cute!

Erin G said...

what a cool toy! the sounds coming out of Nathan's phone make my ears want to bleed, I would much prefer this bollywood one!

gloria said...

Shes so funny, yea, I love the bollywood music!!!!Have you been watching the new super stars of dance????They have alot of bollywood dancers and they'e awesome!!!!!
It looks like shes saying DOG DOG when shes holding up the elephant. I just love her expressions!!!

Carrie said...

Too funny - George and I were laughing at the video - she's so darn cute!!!!! I, too, love her skirt!

alittlewater said...

aashini is too cute dancing to the mobile phone music! it kind of makes my wish my phone played bollywood music. hope the homestead is coming along in the cleanliness factor. i know that has to be a little rough. this morning, actors from slumdog millionaire were on ellen and they did some bollywood dancing, it ROCKED!

The Agarwals said...

Love the video, she's too cute! Is she wearing a skirt like the one you got Eden?
It's adorable!