Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jellybean is ONE!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that my little Jellybean is already one!!! I thought I'd post a few pictures to commemorate this :) Here is the very last belly pic I took - I was feeling so sick! - Look how HUGE I was!
Here I am being wheeled away to have my C-section ... you can tell I didn't feel good!
HERE SHE IS!!! Six Weeks Early...
I like this picture :)
This is the view from the window of the NICU - see the buffalo?
..she needed some breathing help from a C-Pap Machine after she was born (which I was using in the ICU at the exact same time!)...
...but after about 8 days she was ready to go home! I LOVE this picture! She's just so tiny!!!
And now she's so big!!!! My friend Annie (who made that awesome Baby Shower Blog for us before Aashini was born) is a photographer (check out her photography blog: Annie Agarwal Photography - she's awesome!) and she edited this pic (below) - I think it looks really cool!
OK, now on to the bear pictures!!!! Here is the very first bear picture when Aashini was one month old (we didn't get one at birth - that was a very stressful time :)) and her 12 month picture! How fun!
Here are all of the bear pictures together (below) - You should be able to click on it and look at it bigger if you're interested :) I took her one year pics in the same dress she wore in her one month pictures... well, almost the same dress, it's the same style, but a different size :) I can't believe she's so big now!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Year Photos

I finally took Aashini's one year pictures :) The top one is one of my favorites :) You probably don't remember, but this is the exact same dress (just a different size) that she wore for her one month pictures :) I'll post some more pictures later of her "before & after" and her bear pictures... but for now, here are her one year pics!
This picture makes me laugh!
Now we can say: "How big is Aashini?" or "Jai Masih ki" (pretty much means "Praise the Lord") and she'll raise both of her hands in the air. That's what she's doing in this picture (but she's still holding onto the tree :))
Showing off a few of her teeth!
So here is the South Asian portion of our blog...
One of our friends in M-town made Aashini two sweaters when she was born - one to wear then and one to wear around her first birthday... so we took some pics in it to send them :)
She put a lot of work into this sweater. It even has a cute bow in the back.
The family we used to live with in M-town (the Kumars) gave us this dress (below) for Aashini to wear on her first birthday. First birthdays are a HUGE big deal in South Asia (you can see pics from our SA friend's daughter's first Birthday here: South Asian Birthday Party (in America) ) So... here is the dress!
This is her "ballerina picture" - she was actually trying to climb this tree :) It's funny because most of the time her hair looks blonde but this picture it looks so brown :)
I think she felt like a little princess :) You can tell she's teething again - she has her finger in her mouth for most of the pcitures :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Random Pics!

So here are a few random pics from the last few weeks :)
Aashini LOVES the Wiggles! She never pays attention to the TV if it's on - UNLESS the Wiggles are on. She'll just sit and watch and dance and clap - it's so cute! I think it's so cute to me because she's getting so much bigger - wow!
Last weekend Aashini and I met my friend Christine at FSU before the football game. It was Homecoming and she was twirling her baton at the game. After some coffee, we went to the Marching Chief's Field (the Band Field) to watch them rehearse before the game. Aashini loved it!! She loved watching the band members move all around, she loved the music, she loved the flags & twirlers - it was so cute!!! She danced during most of it :)
We had an International Thanksgiving Banquet the other night for our ESL classes. Everyone was supposed to dress up from the country they're from. Although we're not from South Asia, we decided we were close enough and we dressed up :) Aashini had fun in her little suit :)
I just included this one because I thought she was cute sitting in her high-chair in her little outfit :) haha!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun, Fairs & Faces!

We've been traveling a lot, but stopping to have fun inbetween also :) Aashini has really grown to love the Wii remotes :) I think she likes to chew on them :) We have a little gamer on our hands!She loves standing up! She still walks to us, but is afraid to walk much more than that :) She'll hold my hand and walk anywhere, but still prefers crawling :)
When we were at the fair, we got to see some fun animals :) Aashini liked the goats, but the Alpaca was the most interesting to her :) There were some baby ones that she thought were so cool! She kept reaching out her hand to pet it :)
They seemed to think she was pretty cool too :) They stuck their necks out and started trying to play with Aashini (either that or eat her belt)... She wasn't so sure about that...
Actually, she got pretty scared :) Poor thing :) This picture cracks me up :)
Aashini has a new trick now! She clicks her tongue!! Crazy hunh? One day, Adam & I were doing it, so she decided that she wanted to do it too - and she figured it out!
She also learned how to blow her nose this week (she has a cold, so that was nice)... My mom has allergies and blows her nose a lot, so Aashini would try and copy her! Now if we put a tissue up to her nose and say blow she'll do it (most of the time) :)
Another funny thing that's been happening is that Aashini has learned how to say "NO"... not sure if she knows what it means yet or not, but she says it a lot!!! One day our friend was saying "no" to their dog, and Aashini turned to the dog and said "No, dog!" :) It's so fun to watch them do new things! Kids are so fun!!!
So, to end this post, here are a few pictures of Aashini making a fishy face :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

HaPpY FIRST BiRtHdaY AaShiNi!!!

Yesterday was Aashini's first Birthday (November 7th). It was definitely different than Aashini's First Day outside ;) I'll be posting some other pictures soon (you know, bear pictures and other stuff) but today I'm posting the birth DAY pictures :)
Here she is opening a present from Hazel :)
Here she is with her first taste of cake! She was excited!
She started off by picking it up so daintily...
Then she went straight for the icing! Like a pro! Every time she took a lick of frosting, she would shudder - not sure why - maybe it was too sweet? It was sooo funny!
She made quite a mess!
She doesn't seem to like her fingers to be dirty, so she started licking them clean.

She had a fun birthday!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Passport Picture

When we were in Virginia, they took Aashini's picture for passports, visas, etc... This picture cracks me up!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkins & Fish Faces

So I have some other things to blog about, but since I took so many pumpkin pics, I had to post a few more :) This picture (below) totally cracks me up! haha!!This pumpkin had a hole in the top (in the stem area) and she loved it! We couldn't pull her away from it! She loved sticking her finger in it :)
Here she is posing with the pumpkins :)
haha! Not sure what she's doing here, but she's making a funny face :)
She's been enjoying baths in the sink lately :) So cute!
On Halloween, we were at Toys 'R' Us and Geffory the Giraffe was there. Aashini kept looking at the giraffe and saying "Wow, dog, wow, dog" haha! She thinks anything animal-like is a dog :)
Aashini now has a new special talent :) She can make a fish face! haha! A friend was saying the other day how the fish face made her daughter laugh, so I started doing it to Aashini, but instead of laughing, she started doing it, it cracks me up!! This picture is little gross because she was eating when I took it - haha! oh well :)