Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Random Pics!

So here are a few random pics from the last few weeks :)
Aashini LOVES the Wiggles! She never pays attention to the TV if it's on - UNLESS the Wiggles are on. She'll just sit and watch and dance and clap - it's so cute! I think it's so cute to me because she's getting so much bigger - wow!
Last weekend Aashini and I met my friend Christine at FSU before the football game. It was Homecoming and she was twirling her baton at the game. After some coffee, we went to the Marching Chief's Field (the Band Field) to watch them rehearse before the game. Aashini loved it!! She loved watching the band members move all around, she loved the music, she loved the flags & twirlers - it was so cute!!! She danced during most of it :)
We had an International Thanksgiving Banquet the other night for our ESL classes. Everyone was supposed to dress up from the country they're from. Although we're not from South Asia, we decided we were close enough and we dressed up :) Aashini had fun in her little suit :)
I just included this one because I thought she was cute sitting in her high-chair in her little outfit :) haha!


Anonymous said...

she looks so cute in her SA outfit! What a sweetie! I loved it when the kids had a favorite TV show and would sit still and watch it any time it was on....good times for moms!!!

Jacob said...

Love the random pics! Looks like you are all having a blast.

Roberts said...

Now I'm kicking myself for not buying Hazel a suit. Aashini looks so cute in hers, and the bindi too! :) I can't believe she can already fit in it!

gloria said...

Shes really growing fast!!!!I love her little cheerleading outfit, shes so cute in her little SA one too!!!!Glad you guys are having so much fun and doing so much!!!lovegg

The Agarwals said...

I love her little outfit! She looks adorable! And the Wiggles- been there, done that! You'll be singing the songs for a long time! She is getting big, it just doesn't seem possible huh?