Sunday, April 6, 2008

Movin' On Up...

There's a video at the end of the blog... go down and press pause and let it load while you read this post :)
Well, since tomorrow Aashini will officially be 5 months, I thought I'd do a post on all the cool new things that Aashini has started doing this month :) First of which is that she started skateboarding... and don't worry, we have all the proper safety gear :)She LOVES to look at her hands. This isn't a very good pic of it, but she really likes to do it. When we lay her down on her back she'll pick up her hands and just stare at them - so cute!
OK, so Aashini hasn't been the most consistant baby... when she was 1 month old, every time we would lay her on her stomach, she would roll over. She rolled over like crazy! After she went to the hospital (about 6 weeks), she quit rolling over... then, this month she rolled over again while we were in the Middle East... she rolled over almost every time we put her on her stomach... but then when we got home she stopped... Since then she's rolled from her back to her stomach a couple of times and once from her stomach to her back... so we'll see what next month holds ;) haha!
Aashini's friend Aridhi gave her this cute bear - and she really loves it. She plays with it and talks to it ;)
Aashini got to hang out with her buddy Samuel this month... she wasn't so sure what she thought about him :) He kept playing with her dress and kept wanting to kiss/eat her hand :) haha!
This last week, Aashini has been able to sit up by herself if we put her boppy around her!! How fun!!!
She LOVES to grab things with her toes... She's actually quite coordinated with her toes :) I think she plays wiht her toys as much with her toes as with her hands :) haha!!
She's also started sucking her thumb some this month.... she's really got it down too - she puts her fingers over her nose and everything - it's really cute ;)
It's definitely been a fun month! It's so fun to watch her grow and develop! Because she's a preemie, in some things, developmentally, she's supposed to be like a 3.5 month old and for some things, like a 5 month old. It's been so fun and so cute to see her grow! And man! does she TALK!! She is constantly making noise! haha! This will be another fun month!!

Here's a video from the last 4 months....


Anthony and Sharon said...

Loved the video!
Aashini is such an adorable baby:) I can't believe she's 5 months old!!!

alicia said...

She is just perfect! I loved the pics and the video was fantastic! She is just so stinkin' cute and you all look so happy :)

Can't wait to meet her :)


The Garretts said...

What a miracle baby! She is adorable. That little boy named Samuel is exceptionally cute too!

Erin G said...

I know I've said this before, but girl - your video editing skillz (or Adam's!) are amazing.

You've really been blessed with a very healthy and normally developing child, especially considering she's a preemie. Nathan is over 8 months and is just now rolling and sitting well (and by "well" I mean "kind of" on both of those!)... I know she's had her share of health problems, too, and it looks like her SUPER home situation and lots of love has helped her pull right through. She seems totally unphased, doesn't she? Amazing. She's a beautiful little girl.

I LOVED that first song! ;-)

The Agarwals said...

I love the pics- especially the one with the toes! Our kids do that (just like me) and it always grosses Rahul out! Monkey toes he calls them! ha! The video is awesome- I can't believe 5 months have passed so quickly! I love how she looks at Adam and lights up! That's just precious! I also appreciate that you kept in the little spit up clip! That's the real world if I ever saw it! Keep these updates coming! I love seeing her in action! Many kisses to growing Aashini!!

Jeremy's fam said...

What a sweetheart she is! She is just beautiful! I love the video!

Deanna said...

What an active little girl you have! It's so great to see a video of her - it shows so much more of her personality than photos. Thanks for sharing!!!

Ryan & Amber said...

Love your video. She looks like such a happy and fun baby!!

ArnoldandJoy said...

You know, Peyton still doesn't really roll over. She can, but I think she just doesn't care to! She LOVES sitting up, and will even sit straight up in her stroller now. It's funny how babies just do what they want to do! But aren't they just so hilarious?!

And I've been trying to figure out who Aashini favors...I'm stumped...:)

Anonymous said...


Aashini is SO adorable. It looks like you all are having fun and enjoying each and every day!


Misty Burns said...

awe!! love the video. You guys look so happy. I am happy for you!! She has the prettiest eyes!! she must get that from her mom. hehe.

E-Rob said...

I meant to watch this awhile back but the internet was slow and then I forgot. Anyway, I just watched it, and SO CUTE!! I love it. What a great idea - I may steal it and do a Hazel's First 6 Months or First Year video. :)
(and side note, I just watched the B'lore video, and cracked up at the "Beware of your chappals" sign. Oh those dangerous attack chappals, always out to get you when you least suspect it! haha!)