Friday, February 22, 2008

New Stuff

Aashini has started doing a couple of new things lately, so I thought I would share :) One of the things is sucking her fingers and her fist :) It's really cute :) This picture below doesn't do it justice! Sometimes she tries to put both fists in her mouth at once :) She smacks a lot when she does it too - it's funny!
She has also been able to grab onto things and hold on a lot better. She has this cute monkey toy that her Nani & Poppy gave her that she has really had a lot of fun holding onto...
She's starting to really enjoy playing with toys - it's way cute!


Aliciaq said...

I love that Aashini and Emma are just about the same age. It's great to see they are doing the same things!

Emma has been chowing on the hands too and started grasping stuff from her baby gym this week. The other thing I noticed she is doing is bringing her hands up by her face, usually clasped together and looking at them very intently. It's so neat. It's like "Whoa! Look, I have hands!"

I love this age where everyday there is a new discovery.


Shannon said...

So I have to tell you the cute thing Shanti did tonight.

I've talked with Shanti about Aashini since you were pregnant and having some problems and we prayed for you guys. She looks at the pictures you put up on your blog with me and she also knows that you and I had the same doctor and Aashini and Asha were born in the same hospital (sometimes she gets confused and says, "That's where Asha and Aashini were born" when we drive by a large hospital...I have to say, "No. They were born in ...." and clear things up, but it's still so cute!

So tonight Shanti was singing. The words went something like this:

"Aashini...Aashini. Aaaaashshshshiniiiiiii!!!!"

Haha! How funny is that? And way too cute! :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

awww! How cute!!!

Bronie said...

i love it when they start to grab stuff...just wait till it's something you don't want her to have. those sweet little pudgy fists will seem like vice grips. hahaha

Life in Green-Land said...

she's so beautiful! getting big...isn't it fun to see them grow!

The Agarwals said...

I can't believe how quickly she is growing up! It amazes me how times flies! She looks like such a big girl in these pics! I love it when they discover new things- hands, feet, toys!! All of my kids thought it was fun to do a little nibbling on their toes! I'm still waiting for a chance to squeeze on her and give her lots of kisses! Ugh! It's just taking too long!
Oh yeah, the other night Collin was saying his goodnight prayers and he asked that Aashini could have some cool toys! I see that was provided by some super sweet grandparents!

Brandon and April said...

yay for slobbery hands! :) She's so cute looking back at you under her toy, "mom, can't you see that I'm busy!"
and I love the pictures in the previous post of the purple pants and matching belt! she's so stylish!

Deanna said...

She's just adorable!!!

Anthony and Sharon said...

She is SO cute!
I think Isaac came out with his hands at his mouth... my mom has nicknamed his right and left hands his "Best Friends" and then his right index finger (which finds its way to his mouth more than the rest)his "Bestest Best Friend" :) We swaddle him SO TIGHT at night and he still mananges to get his best friends out and play with them:)haha!

Thanks for the tips on the c-section...I've been standing good and straight...which also means the swelling from the oxytocin they gave me in the O.R. makes my feet look like water balloons! HA!

Keep the pics of Aashini coming...she is SO cute!!!

E-Rob said...

You get the best pictures of Aashini! I love seeing all her smiley angles. :)