Sunday, February 17, 2008


I can't believe that Aashini is 3 months old already!! CRAZY!! And since I'm taking forever to post this, she's actually about 3.5 months now... haha oh well! We didn't do a very big "photo shoot" this month b/c we were busy with our parents in town, but here's a couple of pics. In the pic below, we put on some bangles that we bought her... they're still a little big though - haha! You can see them falling off her wrist :) Haha! They're really everywhere in this pic (below) :)
Hazel came over the other night... we took a bunch of pics... this one makes me laugh :) Hazel & Aashini are the only ones look at the camera! :)
Aashini was out and about a LOT the last two weeks - and man was she a trooper! I think she looks really cute in her little sling :)
And a close up :)
Aashini's Nani & Poppy bought her some cool shoes with rabbits on them :)
Happy 3 months Aashini!!


Bethany said...

That is the cutest outfit ever! She sure knows how to sport the bangles and rabbit shoes. She has changed SO much these past few months.

Anthony and Sharon said...

So cute. Seriously, she is a girl of a million faces. She looks annoyed that her bangles are falling off in the one and she's got her "Hazel Face" on in the one with Hazel... so fun! I can't believe she's 3 and a half months old! (Or that I'm STILL pregnant this... our kids were only supposed to be 2 months apart!!!)

E-Rob said...

I absolutely LOVE that purple outfit!! I want an Emily size one! :) I can't believe Aashini is 3 months either - she's grown so well! Way to go Aashini! I too love all her faces. She looks really cute and happy in the sling. Maybe we need to prop Hazel up a bit more in hers, she's usually not as happy in there as Aash seems to be.

jrob said...

Way to go Aash!

Misty said...

She is so sweet. I especially love the first one with that big smile. She's getting big. I know you enjoyed your parents being there too.

Heather Henderson said...

Wow! Three months already! Where has the time gone?? I love the little shoes. Jack had a pair like them only they were bears. She is so CUTE!

Bronie said...

i love the pic with the bangles falling off. her expression is so funny!

you must have loved your parents being with you. i'm sure it was hard for them to go.

Aliciaq said...

SO CUTE!!!! Where is the time going? I can't believe how fast it is going by.

She looks super cute in those pictures and I just love the purple outfit :)