Friday, April 5, 2013

First Day of First Grade! - Aashini

This week was Aashini's first week of FIRST GRADE!  Whoa!  The school year here begins in April.  Aashini was very excited to start First Grade :)    Here is Aashini's weekly schedule:
Aashini is 5 now years old and loves to color and draw!  She is very creative and curious about everything :)
Aashini gets to wear the "big kid" uniform now :)  We got the uniform without her being there... so it's way too big, but she doesn't care :)
Here's a little bit about Aashini :)


Marley said...

Congratulations, Ashani, on being a first grader! Happy Back to School! You look great in your uniform!Aunt LS

Kelley C said...

That skirt is killing me. Love her spunk!