Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Day of Nursery - Diya!

  Yesterday was Diya's first day of Nursery (Pre-K).  Here's her pic on her first day!  I also interviewed her and asked her what some of her favorite things were and here they are!
Diya hasn't learned to write yet, but I asked her to write her name:
Diya posing :)  You can sort-of see her busted lip in this picture :)  
It was the day before Choti Holi, so they played Holi at school on her first day.  Here is Diya showing Adam her Star for being good on her hand... but I think it looks like she's threatening to punch him :) haha!
Diya after her first day of school!  She had a great time.  She has 2 really awesome teachers this year :)  I'm excited :)
And just for comparison ... :)  Here are Aashini and Diya at the same age (Aashini was 2 weeks older) and on the first day of Nursery :)  I think Aashini was a little taller and her feet were definitely bigger (Diya is wearing Aashini's old shoes and they are HUGE on her!!) :) haha!
Diya is going to learn to write her ABCs this year (as well as many other things).  She's really excited :)

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