Monday, December 3, 2012

Diya's 3rd Birthday!!!

 On November 26th, Diya turned THREE!!!  I can't believe she's three! :)   On Thanksgiving we had a get together with our friends, so we did a Birthday celebration while we were there :)   Here's Diya's Cake  :)  (Diya loves Chocolate and GEMS - our version of M&Ms :))
 I never got a great picture... but here's Diya waiting for her cake!
 Everyone singing for her :)
 .... blowing out her candles :)
 As per "South Asian Style", she cut the first piece of cake :)
 Diya LOVES chocolate!!!
 Another South Asian tradition that we love is giving gifts to your friends on your birthday.  Diya loved giving gifts to her friends :) It makes your birthday a lot more fun to celebrate your friends on your birthday :)  Fun idea!
 That Saturday they had a birthday party at her school for the kids with November birthdays.  
 She LOVED it :) 
 Here's Diya with her teacher :)
 Here's Diya with one of her fellow November Birthday buddies.  This girl is in her class but I think is a year older than her (and everyone else in the class!) :)  They are good buddies though :)
 Diya had a good birthday! :)

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Emily said...

That giving gifts to your friends thing is a good idea also because then you get gifts throughout the year (on your friends' bdays) instead of a billion toys all at once on one day! I never thought of that. Maybe I'm just still finding places for Hazel's new toys since she just had a party last week. ;)