Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Activities :)

For Christmas, the Children's Min at our Chuch took the kids to a Girl's Home to do a program for the girls that live there.  
 Aashini LOVED singing for them :)
 Diya was super shy at first, but then warmed up later :)  Here she is singing :) I think she looks cute in this picture :)
 Here's Aashini singing :)
 Next they did crafts :)
 Aashini made friends with one little girl... she patiently stood there while the girl examined her skin ;) haha!
 The kids gave gifts to all of the girls.  Aashini gave a gift to her little friend first :)
 Diya loved giving gifts too!
 After that, we all ate!  It was a lot of fun :)  The kiddos had fun :)


Emily said...

Okay the skin examination brought up some questions for me! (cuuuute picture of that! haha) Does Aashini ask questions about why she looks different, or understand the difference yet? My girls haven't asked about their different races of friends yet so I just don't know when the curiosity of that kicks in. I was curious if your girls even noticed? Since she was so patient while the girl examined her it made me wonder if that happens a lot!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! yeah... it happens a lot. Aashini is patient with it while Diya is not :) haha! She doesn't seem to notice yet... she knows she has "yellow hair" and her friends have black hair... but that seems to be about it... :)