Friday, November 16, 2012

Diya's First Haircut!!!

 Last night we were at the mall and I found a cute hair salon for kids!  Aashini really needed a trim and so did Diya... so we took them there :)   It was a super cute place!!!  It was called Fuzzy Hare :)  They had cars for the kids to sit in and TVs for them to watch!  The TVs were a great idea because they kept their heads straight and still :) haha!!  :)  It was a really fun place! 

Diya was super excited to get her first haircut :)  It was funny to hear some of the different "hair vocabulary" that they used.  They asked if we wanted to give Diya "Fringe"... we finally figured out that Fringe meant Bangs :) 
 Diya felt cool :)
 She didn't like the blow dryer though :) haha!  It was her first experience with a blow dryer :)
 She was so proud of herself :) haha!  She was too cute! :)
 The finished (and slicked over) product! :)
 This place was great :)  They had awesome and comfortable chairs to sit in while we waited :)
 They put fun clips in their hair too :)  It was cute! :)
 They aren't used to dealing with curly hair, so they dried Aashini's hair straight.  It was fun to see what it looked like.  She didn't like the hair dryer either (her first experience with a hair dryer too :) haha!)
 They had awesome tables and coloring books for Diya to play at while she waited for Aashini to finish :)  This hair studio also does Birthday parties! They will do hair styling and braiding, do their nails give them tiaras and all kinds of fun things for the kiddos :)  Fun idea! :)
 Here's Aashini getting her hair clips :)
 Here's Aashini's hair!  Look how straight it is!   By the time we got home, it was starting to curl again... and when she woke up this morning it was fully curly again :) haha! :)  
 Here's the final product :)
For those that live in our city and want to go, here's the info:
Fuzzy Hare
Ambience Mall - Vasant Kunj
(it's one floor below Chili's and next to 101 Bratz) :)

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