Monday, November 19, 2012

Aashini is 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!

 Aashini is 5 now!!!!  I can't believe she's 5 already!!!  This year, her birthday stretched over a whole week :) haha!  She got to celebrate in a bunch of different ways :)
The night before her birthday, we were at a meeting with a bunch of friends, so we brought a cake and she got to celebrate with those friends :)
 She was so cute and a little shy when everyone started singing to her :)  It was cute :)
 She liked getting to blow the candles out... but she wasn't the best at it...
 ... she needed some help :)
 Aashini cut the first slice (South Asian Style :))
 She had so much fun with her friends :)
At school on her birthday she got to wear whatever she wanted (didn't have to wear her uniform).  She wore her purple party outfit (in the pic at the top) and brought gifts to her friends at school... (Here, on your birthday, you give gifts to your friends :)).  She LOVED it and had a great time!  She got to go shopping and spend some Birthday money too on one of the days :)  She had a great Birthday :)
Here's a video of the Birthday song... you can see how shy Aashini was when everyone was singing to her :)
If you want to see Aashini's Older Birthday posts... here ya go!

Aashini's 4th Birthday (I'm going to go back and post on this one... her 4th Birthday party was on the day my Meniere's Disease started, so I never ended up posting on it)

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Emily said...

Happy birthday to her!!