Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dress Up Fun! :)

My sister sent a couple of costumes to the girls and they were so excited!  My girls LOVE Dress-Up... they do it almost every day!
Diya LOVED her fancy skirt!  She loves it so much that she wants to wear it outside all the time too :)
Diya is our little fashionista!  She wanted everything matching... she had a purple purse and a few other purple things... and she was stressed out that her shoes didn't match for this picture :) haha!!
 Aashini LOVES her pirate costume :)  She loves playing pirates.  Here she is saying "Argh!" :)
 The girls posing together :)
 Diya is showing off a little bit of attitude here :) haha!
Dressing Up is always so fun!! :)


Nick and Amber Sroka said...

LOVE these! your girls are too funny :)

Emily said...

That pirate costume is awesome!! I love the dreads...I'd be tempted to try them out myself. :)

A Little Water/A La Carte said...

Those outfits do look fun! I would Try them too! Their personalities are shining through in these pictures.