Friday, June 15, 2012

A Diya Post

Diya has quite the personality!  She is sweet & spunky with attitude :) haha!  This picture shows some of that personality :)
I love her sweet crinkled-nose-smile :)
 (Ignore the mess in this picture :))... Diya loves her friends!!  She never likes to be alone!  She loves friends and people around her at all times.   This past month Aashini was in Summer Camp, so Diya had to play alone (or with us) in the mornings... Diya's favorite stuffed animal is her bunny (who is called either:  "Bunny" "Funnybunny" or "Honeybunny"... she can't decide)...  The other day she pulled up these chairs and was reading to her bunny... I thought it was cute :)
 Diya drew this smiley face the other day :)  I thought it was cute :)
 If I pull up the camera, Diya will ALWAYS pose! haha!  She's a funny one :)
 Wearing her roller skates and posing :) haha!  Aashini and Diya skate at school, so we were practicing at home the other day :)
Diya posing for another picture... haha!!  You can see her "pink hair" in this picture :)
Diya is a super fun girl!  She keeps things interesting :)

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Emily said...

You're lucky she poses for you! I have annoyed my girls with the camera, so they usually ignore me when I ask them to smile. haha!