Sunday, February 7, 2010


Aashini loves her little sister!! So far, it's been a really easy transition for her. She doesn't seem to be jealous at all which is a HUGE blessing! She always wants to love on her and play with her. I think Aashini looks sweet in this picture ;) (Diya looks a little tortured)...
This picture makes me laugh :) It looks like Diya is looking at Adam and asking for help :) haha!
This is Aashini's serious pose :) haha!
This picture is at a strange angle, but I thought it was fun :)
This picture made me laugh :)
OK, so I guess most pictures make me laugh :) haha!
Having sisters is so fun :)


Sara Beth said...

So fun! Your girls are both super cute!

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Haha! Cute! I always feel like I need to post a "No children were harmed during photo taking" disclamer when I make pics of my two together. Nothing like a 2 year old and an infant!

Emily said...

haha So true! For the first few months of Annabel's life, I think she permanently had that look of "Save me!!" etched on her face!

Sarah said...

They are precious!