Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Aashini Pics :)

We are currently out of town (I did the pre-posting thing). Well, we're sorta out of town... we are in the Capital, but an hour away from our house, so we're staying in this part of the city... Anyway, here are some Aash pics ;)
Aashini pulled out Adam's shoes the other day and put them on - she was so proud :)
Aashini loves playing in the little mall play areas :) This is an older picture from Mother's Day, but I thought it was cute. Aashini loves to be dressed up, wear dresses, wear jewelry... she's quite the accessorizer! When we leave the house she always asks for a hat :) Anyway, the other day she didn't have clothes on (she had just eaten and we usually at least take off her shirt when she eats at home b/c she makes a mess :)) - she doesn't like not to have clothes. If she doesn't have clothes on she'll come up to me and say "dress" and ask for something to wear. Well, the other day she wanted some clothes, and found a pile of clean laundry. She started putting the underwear over her head to wear... it was pretty funny :) Again... she loves to dress up! The other day she put all these things on (we helped with the pink coin belt thing) :) She had so much fun looking at herself in the mirror!When I got my ultrasound at the hospital the other day, there were a bunch of people waiting for ultrasounds too (for various reasons). Well, we all had to have full bladders for our ultrasounds, but then some emergency patients came in, so we all had to wait (with full bladders). We were all pretty miserable. Aashini decided to entertain everyone in the waiting room - it helped us take our minds off things :) She was dancing and jumping and running up to people - it was funny!!


Carie said...

Love random pictures!! They are so cute and she is growing into such a cutie! She has so much personality (wonder where she gets that from)!

Erin G said...

man that must be a HUGE city to still be in the same town but be an hour away! hope you're doing something fun. :)

PS - ultrasound technology is good enough now that you don't really need the full bladder anymore, kind of an old-wives-tale thing. I'm assuming in your huge modern city the U.S. machines are pretty similar to ours here - next time, just pee first and see if it works fine, then you'll know if you really have to have a full bladder (unlikely).

love the pics!

Roberts said...

Yeah that's true about the full bladder thing here...MUCH nicer! Although I tried that in the Capital with Hazel, and they checked me and although I FELT like I was gonna pee my pants, they sent me back to the waiting room anyway. :(
I love the look on her face in the underwear-head picture! Also the entertaining sounds so cute...I just love seeing pics of her!

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Haha! Where we live you also have to have a full bladder, but only in the first trimester. I think it's because of the way they do the ultrasounds. If you pee first, just be aware they might make you drink a lot and repeat, which is a worse scenario.

CUTE dress up clothes! I'm learning from Aashini girls are so different from girls. I'd better get ready for Grace!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Erin G - if you don't have a full bladder, they make you wait until it's full. They'll put you on the table and then if it's not full enough, they'll make you go back and wait. They have high tech machines, but it makes it much easier for them if your bladder is full, so they require it.

Erin G said...

oh what a pain, I'm sorry! especially when you're pregnant, a full bladder is miserable!

here they do first trimester ultrasounds as internal (vaginally) instead of on the belly, so maybe that's why they don't care as much, even before you have a lot of amniotic fluid?

hope you're still having fun "away" from home!

gloria said...

Awhhhhhhh-I just love tho watch here gettin all dressed up!!!!!She a little doll!!!!No, I can't imagine having to wait with a full bladder, just very uncomforatable just thinking about it!!!1

Shannon said...

Kids with underwear on their heads is always funny! :)