Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buddies :)

Some of our friends are currently in town :) It's been fun to see them and their fun kids :) We tried many times to get pics of all 3 kids together, but it never really worked out - haha! So here is Samuel, Hannah & Aashini :)This picture made me laugh :) I don't think Hannah wanted Aashini with her on her chair :)
Yesterday we took the kids to our mall. There is a play area in the mall that is really fun :) There were cars to ride in, things to climb on and slides to slide on :) It was fun :)
This is a bad picture, but Aashini had fun "dunking" the basketball :)
There were a bunch of cute little houses to play in. Aashini & Hannah had fun playin with each other through the window of this house :)
Here is our second attempt at a group picture :)
I love this picture (below). Aashini and Sammy look like they're really driving in traffic and looking at the same thing... Hannah looks like she's done with the traffic - she's outta there! :) haha!
Aashini has had fun playing with her buddies :)


Sara said...

How fun! We need to come visit you guys and play at your play area! Keely would love the cars!!! Looks like lots of fun with friends!! Fun stuff!!

The Texas Garretts said...

Looks like lots of fun! Glad the friends got to play with each other!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Come on over Sara!

Anonymous said...

that play area was awesome!! So cool. The pics are so cute too!

Bethany Faith said...

hahaha they are all so cute :)
I love the 'traffic' pic.

Roberts said...

The traffic picture is great! Samuel is SUCH a cute baby boy!! I love seeing pics of those kids playing together.

gloria said...

OMGosh, Those are the cutest kids ever!!!!!!!!!they are really playing great!!!!!