Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wedding Fun :)

Adam, Aashini & I went to an amazing wedding last night. (To see the blog about it, check out the other blog - )...
Once we got all dressed up, we had to take a picture... I think the pictures look funny, haha - oh well :)

Here's a funny pic of me on the red carpet :) I just had to get a red carpet picture :)

A picture of the 3 of us at the wedding :)
This is a picture from inside the train. They had beautiful silk on all of the walls!
Rahul's mom loved holding Aashini :)
I had to post this one (below) Aashini looks cute :)
And another pic of the 3 of us in the train :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Smiley Miley

Aashini is starting to live up to her middle name - Miley (which means Smiley) :) She's started really smiling lately :) It's sooo cute!
I was finally able to catch some of those smiles with my camera yesterday... so instead of posting a whole bunch of smiling pics all in the same outfit... I made a collage below!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What a Difference!!!!

Here's a pic of Aashini from exactly 2 months ago :)....And exactly 2 months later....
It's crazy how fast she has grown!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


There have been a lot of friends in town lately so Aashini got to meet some cool people this week :) She got to visit with our fun friends the Welborns last night :)
Ab loved holding Aashini - and as one of 6 kids, she's had a lot of practice :) She was really cute with Aashini :)
Little E wanted to hold her too :) It was cute :) (Look at all the hands in that pic below! - and doesn't Aashini look big!!??!!) Aashini got to meet a housefull of guests yesterday - she seemed to like them - she did a lot of grinning :)
And last but not least, she got to meet her fun friends the Washas again :) Talk about fun! She's going to have fun playing with those girls when she gets older!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Funny Pics :)

I had a few funny pics - so I thought I'd post them today :) I think this pic below is cute :) We have her all swaddled and she looks like a little glow worm :) She doesn't really like being swaddled with her arms inside anymore - if we do swaddle her with her arms, she'll grunt and grunt, trying to get them out - it's funny :) This picture looks bad though - it looks like we have her in a vice or something - haha!
I took this pic today :) It made me laugh - Look at their eyes - can you tell they're related!
This is a picture from Christmas eve in the hospital. She was wearing one of the little hospital shirts that was WAY too big... (she was also crying because she didn't feel good) - anyway, thought it was funny :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Doctor's Visit!

Today Aashini had a doctor's appointment... She had her last one 2.5 weeks ago and she weighed 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs)... well, today she weighed 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs)!!! Crazy!!
She has been eating like crazy the last few weeks, so we figured she was having a growth spurt... but whoa! :)
Well, she had to get a shot today :( Poor thing... she was so happy when she got to the doc (as seen in the pic below)... she even gave Dr. Malik one of her cute little smiles :) Little did she know....
This is what she looked like after her shot....
Poor thing :(

Friday, January 11, 2008


OK, so this post is a little late... but I'm also not exactly sure when to do these posts... Aashini is actually 9 weeks old - so should I celebrate her being a month older every 4 weeks? or when it's the 7th of every month.... hmm...
Anyway, we've had a couple fun milestones this month :) One is that Aashini has started smiling :) She's been smiling in her sleep for a long time, but just recently we've been able to make her / encourage her to smile :) That's been fun!
So this month's picture times weren't very successful... we did it two different days and it still wasn't very successful - haha! oh well :)
I like this pic below because you can see her eye color pretty well (at least on one of her eyes :)) I wonder if it will stay that way or continue changing... hmm....
In this pic, she's wearing her shirt that says her name :) Fun hunh?
This picture below is funny to me :)
This picture below is funny too ... she looks a little ridiculous with all the stuff she's wearing - haha! oh well :)
And here are a couple of the really bad pics with her bear :) They weren't so successful ... she didn't want her picture taken this month :)
She looks really tired in this one...
Speaking of this picture it looks like she's saying: "mom, quit taking my picture - I'm tired!" But I think in this picture she looks like she's a little overstimulated :) haha!

haha! So it wasn't the most successful monthly picture taking session... maybe next month :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fun Friends :)

Aashini has gotten to hang out with her buddies Hannah & Hazel lately... so we've taken a lot of pics :) This pic below of Aashini & Hazel cracks me up - it looks like they're doing a dance - they're almost doing the exact same pose -- haha!
This pic below of Aashini and Hannah is really funny to me... I have no idea what Aashini is doing... I don't know whether she is reacting to Hannah who kept hitting her in the face :) or if she's just yawning - but it looks like she's scared or something - haha!
Aashini has NOT been sleeping AT ALL lately - we think she's going through a growth spurt... but yesterday we had lunch with James, Emily & Hazel... and Aashini could NOT stay awake! haha! We put them together for this pic and Aashini couldn't wake up - she really did try though... she would stretch and then fall right back to sleep - it was funny :)
Thought I would do a little picture comparison :) What a difference a month can make! There's definitely a difference in the pic below! - Granted, Hazel was only a few hours old in the first pic :) but they both really look different!
Hannah was 2 weeks old in the right pic... they've both changed a lot! :)
Emily decided to take a new "belly pic" :) haha! We took a bunch of these pics and we didn't have any of them with us both looking at the same camera - haha!
I like this pic of Aashini :) I think she looks cute sleeping :) (even if I do say so myself) :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Passport Picture Fun :)

So I've been trying to get Aashini's passport picture... It's no easy task to get a good passport picture of a newborn... you have to have their head straight, both ears showing, eyes open, regular expression on face, face straight ahead, little to no shadows, sholders showing, neck showing as much as possible, etc.... Well, as you can see, I got quite a few duds :)
But finally, after a couple of days of trying, I think I got a winner :)