Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fun Friends :)

Aashini has gotten to hang out with her buddies Hannah & Hazel lately... so we've taken a lot of pics :) This pic below of Aashini & Hazel cracks me up - it looks like they're doing a dance - they're almost doing the exact same pose -- haha!
This pic below of Aashini and Hannah is really funny to me... I have no idea what Aashini is doing... I don't know whether she is reacting to Hannah who kept hitting her in the face :) or if she's just yawning - but it looks like she's scared or something - haha!
Aashini has NOT been sleeping AT ALL lately - we think she's going through a growth spurt... but yesterday we had lunch with James, Emily & Hazel... and Aashini could NOT stay awake! haha! We put them together for this pic and Aashini couldn't wake up - she really did try though... she would stretch and then fall right back to sleep - it was funny :)
Thought I would do a little picture comparison :) What a difference a month can make! There's definitely a difference in the pic below! - Granted, Hazel was only a few hours old in the first pic :) but they both really look different!
Hannah was 2 weeks old in the right pic... they've both changed a lot! :)
Emily decided to take a new "belly pic" :) haha! We took a bunch of these pics and we didn't have any of them with us both looking at the same camera - haha!
I like this pic of Aashini :) I think she looks cute sleeping :) (even if I do say so myself) :)


Anthony and Sharon said...

Fun pictures! What sweet growing precious baby girls.
Aashini is so expressive...even when she's freaked out...maybe Hannah tooted and Aashini thought it was stinky, like, "Ewww mom! Can you smell what she just did?" haha!
I can't wait to have a "belly shot" like yours and Emily's!

Life in Green-Land said...

so cute! aashini's facial expressions are great! she's getting so big...isn't it amazing! how they grow?

alittlewater said...

such sweet girls! all of them. i love how aashini looks a little scared of hannah hitting her. all of them have changed so much, it's crazy how fast they are growing.

Laura said...

those are some cute pictures! and pretty funny, some good expressions! I love the one of Aashini sleeping too!

Heather Henderson said...

Those are so cute! I can't believe how much she has grown!

Allie said...

So Cute!!!!!

E-Rob said...

It's okay to think Aashini looks cute sleeping...because she does. :) And, if *I* do say so myself, those are some extremely cute baby girls. :)

Chanclers said...

LOVE the picture of her "Scared" face! She looks so surprised and shocked, like "oh my gosh! what just hit my face?!" such a cutie!