Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aashini a Linebacker??

While in Knoxville, we got to meet up with some friends of ours that live there (Chad & Jennifer). We worked together with the Youth at FBC Tallahassee while in college. They just recently had a baby (Ty), so it was fun getting to see them and hang out :)So while we were out together eating, Aashini was wearing her University of Tennessee gear. One lady came up to our table and saw Aashini and said: "What a big little boy! He has a linebacker's head if I ever saw one"... yeah, nice... haha! Someone told her that she was a girl and the lady said: "oh, well she looks like my son..." haha! OK... this girl needs a bow or something :)
So, since Aashini won't keep any sort of bow in her head, the whole next day I made her wear this little tiny clip in her little bit of hair :) Adam kept thinking it was a bug in her hair :)
Aashini has a couple of new tricks :) Now if we say: "How big is Aashini?" She'll stick her hands up (as seen below) while we say "so big" :)
She has also started singing and dancing. The dancing is more like bouncing and it's way cute ;) She also has a few words that she can say now (in order of appearance):
1. Dada
2. WOW!
3. Whoa!
4. Mama
5. Dog
6. Yay!
7. Duck
8. Nose
(and can even point to it!)
And, my favorite trick that she does now, we affectionately call the "fish face"...


Roberts said...

The linebacker head comment made me laugh!!
That is so funny, Julie just showed me today that she taught Hazel the "sooo big" trick too! I love the list of words. We're working on Yay - I think it may be next.

I love your outfit in the top picture! You look cute and American!

Carrie said...

I too had to laugh at the comment - I bet that lady wanted to stick her foot in her mouth! Happens to the best of us *I think* And wow she is growing up so fast! Before long she'll be typing her own blog!

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

What great tricks! I am still waiting for Archie to say Mama and know what he's saying as opposed to meaningless babbling! How advanced! I ran into a baby girl here who could do the fish face on command, and we thought she was the smartest ever!

The Shanks said...

That is hilarious...b/c i only thought Indians couldn't figure out whether little ones were boys or girls....agh! And that always drives me nuts when someone asks if Hannah is a boy!! Are you kidding me??!! She's covered in pink from head to toe most days! : ) And little Aashini hardly looks like a boy...she looks like a little princess! : ) She's a doll.

Shannon said...

Lee laughed quite loudly about Aashini being called a linebacker! I laughed even louder that you tried to put a clip in her "hair" the next day (that is sooooo something I would do!) and that Adam thought it was a bug! Haha!

Bethany Faith said...

hahaha Aashini gets cuter every time you blog, and we all love her big blue eyes!

Erin G said...

so clearly that woman, football fan though she may claim to be, didn't get the memo that your precious daughter is the HEISMAN BABY. I mean hello.

Brandon and April said...

ahhhh linebacker!! that's hilarious! shoot...even when eden is in pink sometimes people think she's a boy. sheeesh!
and the little clip is hilarious! ha! a bug!!
and i'm so impressed with her vocabulary! I don't think eden says that many words!! she's def gonna be a talker!! :)

Brandy said...

That's awesome. A little while ago, someone thought Sam was a girl--assuming b/c of his long eyelashes. In Slovakia, people always thought Sarala was a boy (no matter all the pink) because we didn't have her ears pierced. The doctor usually does it when they are weeks/months old. I love bald head babies. Sarala didn't have a bow for the longest time. Jackson is 2 yrs old and still hasn't had his first haircut.

gloria said...

Shes a genious for sure,(beauty and brains), I can't wait to here her say everything and watch her dance!!!!!!These pix are great, I love the faces she makes, what personality, gee, I wonder where she gets it(both of you I'm sure:)