Monday, September 1, 2008

Havin' Fun :)

Aashini has been having fun doing all sorts of new things. She really likes these awesome shopping carts they have at Publix (an awesome grocery store)... she drove all around the store!We went down to FSU on Thursday and toured the campus. It has changed sooo much since we were there!!! The fence that she is next to is where the Kappa Sigma Fraternity house was (where Adam used to live and we met... long story, but if you want to know it, I'd love to tell you)... Behind her is the BCM (where I used to live)... fun memories :)
We went to a fun kids store... they had these cute lady bugs that kids could ride on... she was more interested in his antennae... but she sure liked it :)
When we got to Orlando, Sean (Adam's brother) - or maybe it was Adam's dad.... anyway, they took this Yankee's Cap off a stuffed animal and put it on Aashini... I think it looks funny :)


Roberts said...

She looks like such a big girl on that ladybug! Cool picture of her in between where her parents met.

The Agarwals said...

Ah, I want to go for a visit to FSU. The last time we were there, that stuff was all under construction! It had changed so much! The route we used to take to get to the football games was gone! But what a neat moment to think about the past, to "relive" some of the memories and to see how far He has brought you! Amazing!

Erin G said...

you SHOULD do a "trip down memory lane" post while you're here in the states, and tell us how you met! :)