Saturday, March 1, 2008

Random Pics :)

So here are a few random pics of Aashini :) I think the pic below is cute :) Aashini is wearing one of her Bum Genius Diapers... We did a little photo shoot of her in her diapers for her 4 month photos (which, although she's 16 weeks old, I'm told I can't celebrate her 4 month until the 7th of this month, so you'll have to wait for the rest)... I took this one as I was readjusting "the set" and she just kinda laid down - I thought it was cute :) I like how her little back foot is up too :)Aashini loves to curl up her little toes... she always seems to have them curled. Her feet are very ticklish too - it's funny!
Aashini has also started putting things in her mouth (the fun begins!) :) She has this funny little stuffed spider (that only has 6 legs...) and it's really easy for her to hold - and just the right size to put in her mouth :)


E-Rob said...

Aw how sweet! Don't you think they look adorable in the bumGenius diapers? I can't believe you're almost up on 4 months already! Where did the time go??

Anthony and Sharon said...

I love the bumgenius and her little foot! So cute:)

kim said...

so earlier today i got all caught up on your new little one... and way earlier today i was shopping and target and thought of you when i saw thank you cards that read "you rock" and then you show up on my blog ! how fun... anyway congrats on your new baby... and you rock :)