Sunday, September 23, 2007

3rd Trimester! & FAQ!

Whoo hoo!!! This week I’m 28 weeks, so I’m officially in the 3rd Trimester!!! Yea!! I see the light at the end of the tunnel :) haha! Don’t get me wrong, being pregnant has been fun (most of the time)… :but I’m ready for Jellybean to come! Here’s my 28 week belly picture :)

OK, so it’s about time for another FAQ… After the Previous FAQ (click on this to see it)
I’ve had quite a few questions… so here they are:

1. Do they do epidurals in your country? Hope that's not too personal, but that would be one of my first questions... Inquiring minds want to know.
They do! Actually here they call epidurals: “Pain Free Delivery” – haha! But although they have epidurals, I’m planning on going Natural! Epidurals scare me :) haha! The actually scare me more than natural birth :) At my last ultrasound, I had a “low-lying placenta”… so if by 35 weeks, it’s still “low-lying” then I’ll have to have a C-Section… (and an epidural) so I’m “hoping” that it won’t be low-lying!!

2. Do you think it's a boy or girl? Sometimes the mom just knows.
I actually have no clue! Everyone keeps telling me that they think it’s a boy, so I guess maybe I’m leaning that way, but I really have no clue :)

3. How are you feeling? Do you have to walk a lot? How hard is your daily life, being pregnant where you are?
My daily life here definitely isn’t has hard as it could be :) Adam has been awesome and cooks almost every meal… I think since I’ve been pregnant I’ve only cooked 2 or 3 times… I’ve had a lot of problems with the heat… it’s REALLY hot here, and a couple of months ago we were having 125 degree days… and anytime I get hot, I get sick… I’ve been overheating easily… so I haven’t been able to do much… so that’s made it hard… It’s actually driving me crazy!!! The weather could change any day now and get cooler, so I’m definitely excitedly waiting for that!! Here's a pic below of one of the awesome meals that Adam made this week - Paneer Pitas - YUM!

The public transportation here is awesome! So I don't have to walk too much... I can catch a rickshaw anywhere... and taxis and the bus are easy... so I don't have to do too much walking (unless I want to) :)

4. What do the local ladies say to you - advice, etc. In my culture they are very direct and a little too blunt. How 'bout there?
I haven’t gotten tons of advice yet… the local ladies are very direct and blunt here, but they give more advice once the baby is out rather than while it’s in… Only people you are close to will talk about your pregnancy while you’re pregnant… (one of those evil-eye kind of things)… but they tell me to rest and eat fruits and veggies, don’t wear tight clothes, etc… But I’m definitely preparing myself for the advice I’ll get once the baby is born.

5. How quickly will you be able to put up a post with the news or send out an email in December to let us know of jellybean's big arrival?! Pics included of course!!
I’m working on trying to figure out how to get the news out fast… right now it looks like I’ll call someone who can post on my blog ASAP (that will have name/boy or girl/info)… but you’ll probably have to wait for pictures until we get home… 2 days in the hospital for normal delivery and 3 for a c-section… so the pics will have to wait a couple of days probably… but I’ll do it as soon as I can :)

Any other questions? Ask away! I’m so ready for Jellybean to come!!! We could have the baby in 10-12 weeks!! Crazy!!!


Jeremy's fam said...

You look great! The 3rd Trimester is so exciting!

Anthony and Sharon said...

YAY! 3rd Trimester!
I'm kinda sad though because it looks like the green shirt's days are getting limited!

Hoping the weather changes for you!

The Agarwals said...

I love how informative this post was!! AWESOME! You are looking great in the 3rd trimester! Get ready for the nesting to really, really begin!! Start prepping for late nights and early mornings! ;-) Hats off to Adam for all that incredible cooking! That picture of the food looks so professional!! He could work for the Food Network!! I am so impressed!! We are so eager to meet that little jellybean- you just have no idea!! That last picture of you pretty much sums up how we are feeling for you guys too!! And, just for the record Rahul and I are still sticking with girl...for now!!

Rick & Heather said...

Wow! Time is flying by. I can't wait to see what this little jellybean is going to look like!! 125 degree days???!!!! Heck no! I thought I had it bad back in Louisiana. I have to say my California pregnancy was MUCH more tolerable. You look absolutly ravashing darling. I can't believe you are going to do this naturally. You and Annie are nuts. I am all about the planned C-section. Hair, makeup, nails all done when I go in. hee hee! I really hope all works out perfectly for you. Love to you Sister.

E-Rob said...

You look so pretty!! Good FAQ's. Your friends are much more inquisitive than mine. :)

Sara Beth said...

You look GREAT! Do you feel like you're already as big as you can get though??
I had my first with an epidural (but I only got it 10 minutes before he was born because I progressed so fast) so I had my 2nd without one and did it with no medication. No lie, it's painful, but recovery is fast I think! I think I'd actually choose to do it again with this next one.

Deanna said...

You're the Woman!!! Thanks for the info and belly pics!