Friday, August 3, 2007

Preg Photo Shoot :)

Emily and I were together tonight, so we thought we should take a belly pic together :) I'm 21 weeks and she's 22.5 (I had to make sure I put in that .5 - she earned it :))
So I asked Adam to take the picture and he got a little camera happy :) He just kept taking pics!
He got some not-so-flattering shots of me :) haha!
So I thought it would be funny to post pics of our "photo-shoot"... although Emily may kill me for posting some of these - haha!


E-Rob said...

haha!! We look so weird. It's almost like we're dancing since our arms and legs are posed so funny.
Thanks for throwing in that .5! :)

Beki B said...


The Agarwals said...

They're awesome! You should both be maternity models!! You know how to work that camera!! Love the growing belly- and as always, you look awesome!

E-Rob said...

I love that last comment - esp. the models part. I'll pretend it wasn't said in light of the humorous photos but instead out of sincerity. :) Way to go us, Andrea!

The Agarwals said...

Just to make sure it wasn't taken the wrong way and pregnancy hormones don't get the best of anyone- it was in complete sincerity! Pregnant women are gorgeous and you 2 are some of the prettiest I've seen!!

Rick & Heather said...

It's so cool that you get to share this experience with a friend. It makes it even that much more fun. Brandi and I did it together. It's awesome. Did you know that Jerry and Brandi just had a boy in July??? Andrew Thomas.