Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cravings Poll & Belly Pic

So I wasn't going to post this b/c I thought I looked really weird in this pic... My belly looks really funny.... but I decided to do it anyway :) So here's my 14 week belly shot :)

So I haven't had many cravings... I've pretty much hated food my entire pregnancy, so I haven't really had many cravings... I have been craving pretzels and bagels... BUT I can't get those here... so I've been out of luck... (I go to Thailand on Sat and they have pretzels and I'm really excited!!!)... I did have one REALLY strange craving yesterday... what do you think it was?

What is the strangest craving I've had?
Peanut Butter (I hate the stuff)
Cricket & Gracamole Burrito
Pickles & Ice Cream (Mixed)
Chalk on Mashed Potatoes
Mustard on Watermelon
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jrob said...

It's so cool that our families are pregnant at the same time!

Annie said...

So, what was that craving!! I commented on Facebook already, but I couldn't help but do it again! Keep posting these pics, it makes us feel a lot closer!! And don't worry, your pregnant, so there can be no weird pics! I promise!!

Anonymous said...

Your picture looks great! You are smiling and don't seem to be too uncomfortable. Yea! you are going to on vacation. Enjoy! Hope you find great pretzels.

Della said...

Sorry, that was me before.

E-Rob said...

YUM, the pretzels do sounds awesome! Can't wait!! And you look great, too, btw. :)

Jeremy's fam said...

so what is the craving???

Rick & Heather said...

What a cute little bump!

Derek said...

Dude! You gots a baby in yo belly! What is the deal!? Congrats ^^ Yep! I'm in Japan. Haha, glad you guys found my journal. Check it from time to time and find out what I'm doin. ^^ I'm not a great photo grapherman, but I try my best. Yay!