Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Day of Nursery - Diya!

  Yesterday was Diya's first day of Nursery (Pre-K).  Here's her pic on her first day!  I also interviewed her and asked her what some of her favorite things were and here they are!
Diya hasn't learned to write yet, but I asked her to write her name:
Diya posing :)  You can sort-of see her busted lip in this picture :)  
It was the day before Choti Holi, so they played Holi at school on her first day.  Here is Diya showing Adam her Star for being good on her hand... but I think it looks like she's threatening to punch him :) haha!
Diya after her first day of school!  She had a great time.  She has 2 really awesome teachers this year :)  I'm excited :)
And just for comparison ... :)  Here are Aashini and Diya at the same age (Aashini was 2 weeks older) and on the first day of Nursery :)  I think Aashini was a little taller and her feet were definitely bigger (Diya is wearing Aashini's old shoes and they are HUGE on her!!) :) haha!
Diya is going to learn to write her ABCs this year (as well as many other things).  She's really excited :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aashini's First Piano Recital

Aashini has been taking piano lessons for about a year now.  In December she had her first piano recital :)  She is in a group class and they are going through a cute book (Music for Little Mozarts) that is great for kids their age!
We had a party after the recital and Anoop's mom made this awesome cake!!  Awesome hunh?  (That's Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear on the cake).
 Here is everyone ready for the recital!
Here is Aashini performing her first piece :)
 After they performed each kid bowed or curtsied.   Aashini did a "bow and bolt" - haha! :)
 The book they are using has lots of different songs that they sing and dance to that teach all sorts of things about music.  Here they are acting out one of the songs, "Hey Mr. Elephant" :)
 Here they are singing the "Do Re Me" song :)
 Here is Aashini doing her 2nd piece.  This one she played with her teacher Mrs. Aimee :)
 Aashini getting her certificate :) 
 Aashini selected her outfit and her accessories all on her own for this event :) haha!
 Here is their class :)
And here's a short video of the performance :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taekwondo Competition - Aashini!

Aashini had her first Taekwondo Competition a couple of months ago.  Parents weren't invited, but we knew the venue so we went anyway :) haha!  They didn't have it set up for people watching, so we didn't get the best view... but it was fun :)   Here's the venue :)  (you can see the other parents that broke the rules and came :) haha!)
We weren't sure if they would let us in or not, so we told Aashini we weren't sure if we would be able to come... she was sad we might not get to see her... When she walked into the stadium, she looked all around for us... this is her face when she saw us :) haha!  She was happy!
A few kids from her class were selected to be in the competition... here she is with the kids from her class.
Taking a bow before beginning :)
We didn't have a great view... but here is Aashini in action!
... a nice kick! :)
And more... :)
... and another rockin' kick :)
She was really excited when she was finished :)
Here she is receiving her medal :)
She was so proud :)
Here is the video (not so great, but better than nothing) :)

Good Job Aashini!