Monday, September 30, 2013

Diya - Annual Day - Retro Post - March 2013

Diya had her Annual day at the end of the school year.  Things got crazy and I forgot to post about it.  So... better late than never!
 Their grade did a patriotic dance.
 Diya LOVED it and was so proud of herself!  She talked about it for WEEKS!
 She was a little distracted by the guys behind her waving flags though :) haha!
 Here's Diya with one of her best friends... Heemanya.
  They're cute :)
 I like Diya's pose here :)
 It was a cute little dance :)
 Here's a video of her performance if you want to see it :)

Here she is afterwards :)
The ride home :) haha!

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Emily said...

Diya is so crazy cute!! She seems like she has such a fun personality. I wish we could get our kids together again soon, and often. :(