Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Comic Con - Day 2 - The Kiddos

The kiddos love Comic Con!  They love getting dressed up the most :) haha!  On this day, the girls got a little more creative with their costumes... Diya wanted to be Mayday (Spidergirl)... her outfit cracked me up!  She said:  "I want to be Spidergirl... but I don't want to wear those pants!!"... so she improvised :) haha!
Aashini wanted to be Princess Leia (even though she has no idea who that is! haha!)... she wore her Star Wars shirt over her dress-up dress and wanted her hair up like Princess Leia :) haha!
 They had a few events for the kiddos... this was one where they showed kids how to draw a superhero :)
 Here is Aashini drawing her superheros :)  If you look closely you can see it (and the awesome capes the people she drew had!) :)
 Diya wasn't into drawing... here she is enjoying herself :)
 They had Comic Cupcakes.... The girls picked Betty & Veronica Cupcakes :)
 Silly Girls :)
 Leaving Comic Con :)
 Diya asked me if I could take a jumping picture of her :)  haha!  Awesome!!!
We didn't make it to the last day... The kiddos were to exhausted :) haha!  It was a fun Comic Con :)

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Emily said...

I think Hazel would've fainted from excitement!