Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun Friends!

While in Nepal we got to meet up with some fun friends we haven't seen in a while :)
 The kids had fun playing together :)
 The adults had fun talking together! haha!  I look horrible in this picture! haha!  I had a vertigo episode the day before and I still looked pale :) haha!
 ... not sure what was going on in this picture :) haha!
 Playing "Ring Around the Rosies"  (or as Aashini calls it... "Ringa Ringa Roses")
 We met up with some other friends at an amazing 2 story play place!!!!!  It was awesome!  The kiddos LOVED it!
 The kids all tried to get into this together :) haha!
There was a fun climbing wall there too!!
 They had this fun train.  It went super fast! 

 We all ate lunch together afterwards :)  It's so fun that the kids are big enough to sit at the "kid's table" haha!!!

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