Saturday, October 1, 2011

Aashini Fun :) :)

Aashini is a fun little girl :)  Here are a few pictures of her....
A couple of months ago (I keep forgetting to post this picture) at McDonald's they had Cricket Gear inside. Aashini tried it on and loved wearing it :) 
The other day when we went to pick up Aashini at school, she found a rubber band... the girls were playing on the school's playground and I look over and Aashini is "fixing" her hair in the mirrored window :)  It made me realize how big she's getting!!!
... but she's still a funny little goofball :)
The other day Aashini was playing the egg & spoon race at a friend's birthday - she thought it was awesome! :)
That's it... just a few pictures :)  I'll post more soon (hopefully) :)


Emily said...

She is SO beautiful! You think she'll play cricket? :)

Anthony & Sharon said...

What fun! Can't believe how big she's getting (which means Isaac is too!)
I keep wondering if i3 is gonna come out with dark curls like the one with her and the pigtails. Too cute!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

:-) maybe :-)