Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aryan's Birthday :)

A couple of weeks ago we went to the birthday party of Aashini's friend Aryan.   He was in her Pre-Nursery class with her.  They were buddies :)   Now that they are both in Nursery, they are at different schools so they haven't seen each other since March (The new school year starts in April here).   When they saw each other, they were so excited!  Aryan went around introducing Aashini to all his relatives :)  
Aryan got a new bicycle at his party.  He and Aashini had so much fun playing with it together.   They would take turns riding it and pushing the other one.     
 They party was quite the affair!   They had an ice cream cart and McDonald's for the kids!
 They also had tons of food.   Here's the food table!!!!  It was full of awesome food (Aloo Tiki, Bhel Puri, Gulab Jamin.... TONS of yummy food!)
 Here's Aashini pushing Aryan :)
 For a long time Aashini was the only kid at the party.  We got there 30 minutes late (on purpose) and we were still some of the first people there (oops! not late enough I guess) :).   A couple of other relative's kids came a little later.  
 Here are some of the guests :)   At this age, birthday parties are more like family get-togethers and they don't usually invite many of the kid's friends but they invite TONS of adults.
 After a while, the other friend that Aryan got to invite, Alena, arrived. Alena is probably the most hyper kid I have ever met!  She was in Aashini's Pre-Nursery class also.  They all had so much fun playing together!  We hadn't seen her parents in a while, so it was fun seeing them and catching up :)
 Birthday Cake Time!!!!  He had a Clown Car Cake with Noddy on the top :) haha!
 After he blew out the candles they let loose some confetti....
 Aryan's grandmother got it all in her hair!  It was awesome :)
 Now here is the weird cake tradition they have here in our area of the country... When it's someone's birthday, the birthday kid will take a slice of cake and feed a bit to everyone.  In our experience it's usually one piece and everyone takes a bite off that one piece (gross right?).... Luckily Aashini was offered the first bite :) haha!
 Here are Aashini & Alena enjoying their cake :)
 The kids played around and danced to the music and had fun :)   In this pic you can see the return gift Aashini got (Party Favor)... it was a fun pink & white polka dot umbrella :)  A fun gift for Monsoon season :)
It was a fun party with fun friends :)


Joy said...

Fun post! In the South they feed their immediate family only! So glad we never had to eat off that one piece. :) One question...did you speak the national language at the party or English?

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Joy - a little bit of both :)

Emily said...

I was wondering the same thing as Joy. :)
Also, I love the picture of the confetti grandma. And an umbrella, for some reason, REALLY appeals to me as a party favor.