Tuesday, May 17, 2011


DISNEY!!! Adam's dad hooked us up with some Disney tickets!! It was awesome!!!!!!!
We went to Animal Kingdom first. We played in Dino-Land most of the time. The sand pit where you can dig up animal bones was Aashini's favorite! We stayed in this area for a while!!!
After lunch we went to the Magic Kingdom! The girls fell asleep on the way over, so when we first got to the castle, they were sleeping (I think Diya just woke up in this pic though). It was funny :)
The princess castle!! (that's what Aashini calls it :))
Diya LOVED wearing Adam's hat!!
Aashini had fun playing with her new bubble gun :)
I like this picture :)
Diya had a light up wand... she thought bubbles came out of it too :) She was running around pointing it at people :) it was cute :)
Aashini and her bubbles :)
My sweet little princess :)
One of her favorite things we did was to meet the princesses!! All day long she kept talking about wanting to meet Belle and Gaston (not sure why she likes him so much :) haha!). We stood in line to meet the princesses... we knew their would be 3 but we didn't know who was there until we got right up to them in the special room. The first was Jasmine. She had so much fun with her, but the whole time she was with Jasmine she was looking at the princess she was going to meet next....
Belle!!!! Her favorite! Look at Aashini in this picture looking at Belle! Too cute :) She was mesmerized by Belle. After she met with Belle she whispered to me: "Mommy, I forgot to ask Belle where Gaston was!"
I think she had the most fun with Cinderella! Cinderella was so cute with her! This picture looks like she is about to hit her over the head with her light stick, but they really did have fun :) haha!
Aashini's face was like this most of the time :) ADORABLE!
We stayed for the light parade. Aashini LOVED it! Her face looked like this through most of the parade! She was so excited that she got to see Tinkerbell! She had fun!!
You can tell we're a bit tired :) haha!
We stayed through the fireworks and stood just under where Tinkerbell "flies" down from the castle... Aashini thought it was awesome!! Shortly after the fireworks Aashini passed out :) haha! It was a fun day!!! Diya had a great First trip to Disney too :) It was awesome :)


Anthony & Sharon said...

Yay! Seeing Aashini with those princesses makes me hope i3 is a girl. As tiring as it is, Disney rocks!!
You know, our ENTIRE YEAR of going to Disney and we never once managed to see Tinkerbell go up to the castle (or down from?)?!?!! It's true though, I think you can never see everything at Disney! Isaac was less than 2 years old to 2 years when we went and the other day he randomly started talking about the playground at DinoLand USA! Isaac also had one of those bubble guns but it didn't make it over here with us...then my mom said the other day she found it. The bubble gun fun will continue!
Hope you guys keep having fun at home!

Emily said...

Oh my word, Hazel is going to FLIP when I show her these pictures. (not sure if you knew it or not, but she is a little fond of the Disney Princesses ;)

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

That is SO fun! I think our trip to HK Disney last year was the highlight of Archie's little life :) (Although not because of the princesses...)

Erin G said...

I think it's hilarious that Adam is either so cold or so south-asianized (or is that the same thing) that he's wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt IN FLORIDA! IN MAY!

Looks like y'all had a marvelous day as a family! :)