Friday, August 6, 2010

Funny Girls :)

I love my girls :) haha! They crack me up on a daily basis! We give the girls a bath in this pink bucket tub thing. We tried putting them both in at the same time the other day :) haha! It's a very small tub, but it was so cute :)
They loved it and had a lot of fun :)
These next two pictures aren't very good, but Diya has been making some hilarious faces lately :) haha! Here is one of them :)
... and another one :) haha!
I think Aashini is cute :) - I know, I'm biased :)
She's a goofball :) I love my girls :)


Anthony & Sharon said...

Those faces Diya's making are her Daddy made over!! I love Aashini's pink headband (I need one like that!) Your girls ARE cute... so you can be biased all you want!

Emily said...

That first picture had me giggling before I even started reading! I agree - both are funny AND adorable! I love that dress and headband that Aashini is wearing!!

Carrie said...

Such cute girls! That first "face" picture Diya is making reminded me of Adam!!!!!!

a la carte said...

aashini is looking so big these days! i don't know if it really happened that fast or if it's the headband and cute dress. but anyway she is so cute!

Christine said...

oh goodness they are so cute I can't even stand it. Go Noles!