Saturday, February 7, 2009

Buddies :)

Do you remember Aashini's buddies Hannah and Hazel? They were all born within a couple of weeks of each other. The last time we saw and took pictures with Hannah, they looked like this...
Well, Hannah was in town yesterday and they got to see each other!
They got to play together for a little bit :) They had fun playing with each other :) Hannah kept wanting to put toys in Aashini's mouth - it was funny :) We have two little stools and they were so cute both sitting on them :)
Here they are again :) As you can see Aashini has her mouth open in almost all of these pictures :) haha! That's what she does now if we say "smile".
Now an update on Hazel :) This was the last time Aashini & Hazel were together (below):
Hazel now lives in Texas and is doing good :) She's going to have a little SISTER in June :) Here's a recent pic of Hazel :)

As you can see, they both have a lot more hair :) haha! Aashini will catch up one day :)
Yay for buddies!


Anonymous said...

Buddies are so fun!! They look so cute together! Sitting on the little stools was so cute. I love the mouth open look, so cute!!

Yamila said...



Erin G said...

crazy, they all look like toddlers now instead of babies!

gloria said...

They are just tooo adorable. I don't think that Aashini is going to be shy:) Thanks for the cool pix watching them grow up!!!

Roberts said...

Aww I can't believe it took me this long to read the blog! That made me laugh out loud that Aashini does that face when you tell her to smile! What a silly goose! I wish Hazel was there in that pic with the girls. I bet that was so fun seeing them together, and I KNOW Hazel would enjoy them both so much. I noticed the hair too! :)