Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Teeth, Bagels & French Fries

Aashini has really been enjoying her teeth lately... She now has 6 teeth (and she got 4 of them in 6 weeks! yeah... lots of fun :)) She even grinds her teeth! Has anyone's kids ever done that?
Well, this weekend, Aashini had her first Bagel :) She's part Jewish, so it was time! :) She really liked it! It was funny :)
Aashini also loves french fries :) (you can see one of her dimples in this pic below, I think it's cute)
You can see some of her teeth in this pic (below)...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Havin' Fun!

Here's just a few pics from the last couple of days :) Aashini has this fun toy that has a microphone with it. She loves to "sing" into the microphone. It's really funny!!!I forgot to post any pictures of Aashini with her bear at 11 months... so here's one of the pics :)
And a little meal-time fun :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dress-up Fun!

The family we stayed with in Valdosta had a little girl named Lucy. She had these cute wings and she let Aashini try them on :) I think Aashini looks like a little ballerina in the pic below :) And here is Aashini being her normal goofy self :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FuN DaY! (Virginia)

Before we left Virginia, we had a big family fun day! :) There were about 6 inflatables and it was a ton of fun! Aashini didn't totally love the slide (see her trying to escape in this picture?)Aashini found a new "love" :) She LOVES popcorn!!! She really wen to town on it!!
Aashini really seemed to like meeting new friends - it was so cute! There was a petting zoo there too :) There were donkeys, mini-horses, sheep, llamas and goats... she was a little scared of the goats though :) haha! - not sure why... maybe because they were about her size...
They also had this awesome train ride :) It was fun and fast (so we had to go with Aashini)... we had a lot of fun with it ;)
Look mom! no hands!
At the end of the day she was exausted! So much fun!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hanging out in Virginia :)

I can't figure out yet what Aashini thinks about all the traveling she does :) She seems to have fun wherever she goes though (whew!)... Here she is enjoying her dinner with her friend Abby :) She's been in the "ones" class since she's close to being One - so she's been hanging out with the older crowd... Today though, she was hanging out with the middle school girls... the WAY older crowd... She thought it was pretty cool! She's really been enjoying the swings!!
And she's not so sure about the slide :)
Last night her 5th tooth came in! (we didn't get much sleep)... Today at dinner, she kept reaching for my plum, so I gave it to her... she LOVED it! She held on to it and ate on it for a while!! It was so cute! She really ate a lot of it - I was surprised... I think it helped the teething process too :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

11 Months!!

Aashini is 11 months old! It's so crazy!!! We took her 11 month pictures at a park near my parent's house called "Oven Park". It's really pretty, so it's perfect for pictures :) This picture makes me laugh because after we took this one, she knocked down that concrete water pump :)
We found this bridge and she thought it was sooo fun! She's been really into "peek-a-boo" lately, so the bridge was really fun for her :)
This picture (below) makes me laugh :)
It was cracking her up :)I can't believe that Aashini is almost a year old!!!!
Fun pink flowers!
There was a John Deere vehicle... so we had to take a picture on it :) Aashini thought it was pretty cool :)