Monday, July 7, 2008

Just For Fun :)

So right now we're in Hua Hin and we don't have our computer with us - BUT I posted this a few days earlier and I am trying out this delayed post thing... so we'll see if it works :)
So here is a picture below of Aashini's new signature face :) Since she got both of her bottom teeth, she's been making this funny "oh" face. She makes that sound with it too - it's so cute! All the Thai girls and ladies like to stand around her and say "oh" and watch her do it back - it's very funny!!!
On the Forth of July, we hung out with our friends Jacob & Sara :) We went to the pool and all the girls had a blast!
Aashini was a little upset when we got her head wet, but she got over it fast :)
She really loves to swim!
Here's a couple of seconds of video of Aashini kicking in the water :)

This picture (below) isn't very good, but it made me laugh :) Aashini loves water bottles and is always drawn to them :) haha!
We went with some friends and their kids to a fun little play area. They had a cool little room that had fans and balloons in it and the balloons were constantly floating around - and Aashini thought it was the coolest thing ever!
Aashini has gotten to experience many new things in the last couple of weeks! She's really had a blast!


alicia said...

I hope you guys realize what an absolute doll she is!!! (I'm sure you do!) She is just so adorable. I love how animated she is!

Thanks for all the great pics - keep 'em coming!


Bronie said...

wyatt gets such a kick out of aash videos! again! again! hahaha she is so cute, and i can't wait to give her a squeeze, but i promise i won't say 'yay!'...more than once. :)

Roberts said...

SUCH great pictures!! I love the "oh!" I can just picture the Thai ladies giggling and saying "oh!" to her.

Anthony and Sharon said...

I'm now updated on all your blogs! I can't believe Tim Tebow held your baby in the hiesman pose. That was way cool!!! Hope Hua hin is fun!We were just in Pattaya(I hear Hua Hin is much prettier)

Misty said...

She is just the cutest thing. I love all the pictures...

Sara Beth said...

These pictures of Aashini are SO cute! Micah also loved the play areas with balloons and balls when we were in Chiang Mai! Does she like playing "Za Eh!" with the ladies...our kids all loved the Thai version of Peek-a-boo over the years!

Erin G said...

you have a WATERPROOF video camera??? I have got to get one of those. we spend way too much time at the pool and beach to worry as much as we do about getting water and sand on our camera. so cool!