Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Such a Mom :)

I feel like such a mom right now... there's way too many pics on this blog post!! haha!
OK, this first pic is funny to me... I'm not very good at swaddling... Adam is great at it, but whenever I do it, she seems to get out... or as shown in this picture, she ends up on her side with her hands out and her little booty sticking out... I don't know why, but it cracks me up :)
She was making a really funny face here... you can see she starting to gain some weight - she's getting chubby cheeks.
Our cool friends, the Mirabellas, gave us this cute frog for Aashini... We gave it to her and she made some funny faces :)
Aashini loves to have her legs straight! She sits like this all the time :)
A funny close-up :)
She loves to kick her legs... here's a funny pic of that...
This is a really funny face :)
Here she is enjoying some "tummy-time" :)
haha! OK, I know, I posted a pic of her every move :) She is going to be a well-photographed baby :)


E-Rob said...

Very cute! And I can pretty much guarantee that lots of pics of Aashini is perfectly fine with all your readers! :)

michellenotdawn said...

Let me tell you, pictures are a huge part of your life now - especially for the grandparents! She is so teensy!
I remember last year we gave my parents a CD with all the pictures we had taken of Fox from 10/11 - 12/28 - it was over 700 pictures!
Mommyhood gets better and better, and daddies always seem to be better with swaddling - I just gave up on regular blankets and used the special ones with Velcro to keep it closed!
I am so glad we can keep up with y'all on this blog. Peace and blessings to your family!

The Agarwals said...

Andrea! You are such a mom!! I love all the pictures! In fact, I'm asking for even more!! :-) From one photographing mom to another of course!
She is adorable in that pink hat! Soooo cute! And she looks so tall with her legs stretched out like that! I love the one where she's propped on the knees and is stretching- what a fun memory! She is going to love that you've captured her every move! You would not believe how many times the boys ask to see their pictures from when they were babies! Just imagine when they're old enough to be embarrassed by them all! So keep snapping and keep sharing! It brightens our days and makes us feel a little closer to you and your sweet little bundle of preciousness! Give her and her cute little funny faces many smooches from us!

Bronie said...

you keep snappin' and postin' li'l mama...we love it!

aashini has got some long legs...wonder where those came from. hahaha i love her cute little faces, and the pink hat totally rocks!

Anthony and Sharon said...

LOVE all the pictures... totally gives me free reign when Isaac comes to post as many as I want! haha! She is adorable and we want to see more:)

I agree that her long legs are like a genetic copy of her picture-taking mommy! And them sticking straight out!?! HAHA! That MUST have been what she was doing the whole time in your belly to give you a torpedo belly!

PLEASE keep the pictures coming...no apologies necessary...they're so fun!!!

Jeremy's fam said...

From one picture taking mom to another, enough is never enough! Thats kind of the point of blogging as far as I am concerned.

Jacob said...

Welcome to parenthood, it's all about kiddos now, at least in the blogging world.

SB said...

I LOVE the pink hat. It just makes me laugh! I am terrible at keeping hats on my babies but you seem to have fun with it.
I, too, am a bad swaddler. Brian is a pro. It must be a guy thing. They come home from the hospital good at it!

Heather Henderson said...

HAHA!! Those are soooo cute!! I love her little legs sticking straight out! I think you did a great job swaddling her! That's awesome! I can see how she is growing! It's unbelievable how fast it goes. How is she doing at night??

alittlewater said...

i'll second what emily said! we love seeing pictures of your sweet girl, so keep them coming.