Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jellybean's First Pic :)

So this blog will be more about baby and family pics and stuff :) So I thought I'd start it off with baby Jellybean's first picture :)
Yeah, there are a lot of pictures... so I'll give you a close-up of one of them :)
Now here's a video from the ultrasound... it shows Jellybean's heartbeat... it's really cute... It's a short clip. At the end of the clip, the doctor is getting the heartbeat. When I heard the heartbeat, I thought it was funny (maybe because it was so fast... I don't know) but I started cracking up! What's funny is (as you can see in the video below)... when I started laughing, it made a really loud and funny noise on the ultrasound machine... the technician had to take it off until I calmed down :) haha check it out! :)


Anthony and Sharon said...

The video is hilarious! It sounds like you're DJ-ing on the sonogram machine...'They call me DJ-Chef and I'm cookin' up a bay-bay fo you homies..."

Annie said...

WOO HOO!! You are officially sharing the news! LOVE the video!! How exciting! It was great to hear you guys again- it's been way to long! Tell that little jellybean we love her (or him!!) :-) We're praying for you- and that bed rest, I know it can be NO FUN !!! Keep us posted!

Deanna said...

Loved the video. Congrats on the new baby. We're very excited for you guys and look forward to keeping up with your south asia adventures.

alittlewater said...

wow, i loved the video. that is so fun! i sure hope you feel better soon and the bedrest doesn't last too long. praying for you guys! and your baby ROCKS!!!

Della said...

How fun!

gloria said...

I think she looks just like me.