Saturday, May 25, 2013

Aashini Update

Here's a pic of Aashini that I took just a couple of hours ago :)
 This morning didn't go according to my plans... We were planning on going canoeing this morning.  Aashini normally gets up at around 6:45 AM (no matter what!!)... this morning my alarm went off at about 7:30... we realized she wasn't up and we needed to wake them... Adam went into see them, and Aashini was laying in bed with her eyes wide open.  She wasn't moving, but she looked awake.  We talked to her but she didn't and couldn't respond.  She just stared off into space... We sat her up and she was limp (almost like she was asleep)... The whole time she was just staring.  She couldn't talk either.   So... we rushed her to the emergency room (which thankfully wasn't very far away).  

In the car on the way there, we would ask her to move her foot and she could slightly move it.  I would ask her to squeeze my hand but she couldn't do that.  She couldn't talk either (but she did try to).... 
She also had a normal temperature which is a little worrying...

We got into a room immediately and they worked on getting her IV in.  That took a while (those tiny kid veins!).  She was able to scream during this time, so that made me feel good,  but she still couldn't talk or make eye contact....  After they got the IV in, she finally fell asleep for a few minutes until they took her to get a CT scan. She slept through her CT scan for the most part and then went back to her room.   She slept for about 5-10 minutes and then had to go to the bathroom.  After that we got her back in her bed and she looked at us and said:  "What are you doing?"....  We were so thankful to hear her talk!!!
The nurse in the pic above that is right across from Adam was our nurse.  She was awesome!

 She started to talk after that.  She had tons of meds, so she was very loopy and her speech was slurred.  She was also VERY confused about what was going on.  She had the memory of a goldfish too and asked us about every 10 minutes what was going on or what the IV in her hand was all about... 

The docs and nurses were surprised that she never really slept (the meds were supposed to make her sleepy).  She then watched TV and talked some (some in English and some in Hindi :)).  

All of her tests came back completely normal.  The CT Scan, urine tests and even the blood tests (which usually show something when they have seizures) were all normal.  After that, they let us check out.  We were really surprised at how fast it was to be discharged!  (In South Asia it takes HOURS!).  
We went home, and after Aashini vomited everywhere, put on a movie for the girls (thinking that Aashini would fall asleep... but she didn't).  They watched a movie and then went down for nap.  Aashini only took about a 30 minute nap!!! (she still normally takes a 1+ hour nap!)... The rest of the day we just hung out inside and played.  She is still out of it and not acting like her normal self.  Her speech was almost normal but her behavior was a little crazy.  She doesn't remember anything from this  morning and is very confused about what happened.     

Please pray that this was a One-Time thing and that it won't happen again!  Please pray that there's nothing wrong and that  she wakes up feeling completely normal.  Please join us in thanking God that she's doing good now!!  Praise God that he again took care of our little girl and gave us complete peace through the whole thing :)   Thank you guys so much for praying with us!!