Thursday, February 20, 2014

PTM and a "Crisp Skit"

Aashini had a PTM (Parent-Teacher-Meeting) last month.  They usually do a small presentation during the PTM.  It's cute :)  Here's Aashini with her teacher and a couple of her classmates.  Her teacher has been great!!
 Here's Aashini saying her lines...
 And another picture...
 More of the skit...
 She was proud of herself afterwards.
 Some of her other friends doing their lines.
Here is a video of the skit:

This is the Christmas project that Aashini did at school :)
It's in the window of her classroom :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Piano Recital - Aashini :)

Aashini and her "Little Mozarts" Class had a recital last week :)  Aashini has had fun in this class :)  They learn to play the piano, but they also learn to "hear" the music/rhythms/beats, etc...  Here they are doing a dance to one of their songs.  They do different motions for different parts of the song :)
 Aashini had two solos.  Her first was "Hot Cross Buns" :)
 Her 2nd solo was "We Three Kings".  She forgot this one a little bit, but she still did great :) 
Her class gave Mrs. Aimee a gift at the end :)
 Here is the Little Mozarts Class (and Diya) :)
Here's a Video!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Storytelling Competition - Diya

Diya had a Speaking Competition a couple of weeks ago.  It was a Storytelling Competition.  All of the kids got to pick out a story and tell it.  Diya told "Jesus Calms the Storm".  
She did great!  She wasn't afraid at all.  She got up there and owned the stage :) haha!
After everyone was done speaking, the judges tallied the scores.  While they were doing that, the kids did a dance. 
 Diya had so much fun doing it!! :)
 Diya's buddy Yathach  (on the far right), was not interested in doing the choreographed dance... so he made up his own dance....
 This picture is blurry, but I thought it was funny :)  Diya is jumping and the other kids are making funny faces :) haha!
 Diya was so happy!  This picture is funny :)
 haha!  Yathanch is cracking me up here!
 OK... one more :) haha!
 Diya and her buddy Heemanya tied for FIRST PLACE!!!  Here's Diya running up to get her award :)
 Here's Diya running back with it... she was so proud!!!  (and you can see Heemanya running up to get hers) :)
 Afterwards they played a little.  Here's Diya with one of her best friends :)
Here's a VIDEO!!!! (sorry it's dark, they keep almost all of the lights off so the kids are less nervous)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Diya's 4th Birthday!! Rockstar Party!!!

I just saw this as a "draft"... I never posted it!! oops!
Diya is 4!  I posted these pics on Facebook, but I wanted to make sure I did a blog post on her birthday too :)   
Diya wanted a fun Rockstar party!  When everyone got there, they got Rockstar Supplies....  Colored Hair, Bling Rings, Headphone Mics, Glitter "tattoos" (sticker), and Silly Bands :)
 Here are the girls getting decked out :) 
 Diya and Zora :)
 We played some Rockstar games.... like "Rockstar Says" & "Follow the Rockstar"
 ... and "PopRock"
 Poprock is what we called Diya before she was born :)
 My little Birthday Rockstar!!!!
 Even the guys had fun :)
It was a fun birthday :)

Here's a short Video:

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Annual Day 2013 - Aashini

A few weeks ago, Aashini had her School Annual Day :)  
Aashini's group was first this year.  While they were doing the opening welcome and things, this little girl peeked under the curtain.  I thought she was cute :)
 Here's Aashini coming on stage for her dance!! :)
 OK... now before I go on....  I want you to notice this picture below... the picture on the left is how she looked when she left the house....  The picture in the middle is how she looked when she got on stage! haha!  She said she thought I did her outfit wrong, so she "fixed" it.... hahaha!  (Granted, I did put her top on backwards... this one was supposed to hook in the back, unlike a Sari that is supposed to hook in the front... I always seem to get it wrong! hahaha! BUT you couldn't tell when it was tied properly haha!)  The last picture is after the performance when we had it all right :) haha!
Anyway, back to the performance....
 Here she is with her classmates doing her performance :)
 She had sooo much fun performing :)
 Here's Aashini posing afterwards :) hahaha!
 That's more like it :) haha!!!
Somehow, Aashini lost her shoes... so she got a free piggy-back ride home :) haha!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Aashini is SIX!!!

 We had a small birthday party for Aashini's Sixth Birthday :) Aashini LOVES bugs!!!  So.... we had a BUG PARTY!!!!!!
We played "Scary Butterfly" (Hot Potato) :)
 My kids hadn't played that game before... Diya thought it was the best game EVER! haha!
 We did bug relay races... :)
 We had the party at a public park, so we had a few on-lookers :)
 Our Buggy Friends :)
 We took the little caterpillars and made them into cocoons ;)
 They make great Cocoons :)
 Then they busted out and turned into butterflies :)
 They made their own caterpillars too :)
 The finished products :)
 Cake Time!  The cake frosting was a MESS!  The cake looked horrible! haha!  Aashini liked it though, so that's all that matters :)
 All of the kids had magnifying glasses and we had a clear bag full of bugs that they could look at... It got dark really early that night, so we used the light on my phone so that they could see the bugs! haha!  Here's Deepa holding my phone :) haha!
Aashini is now SIX!  Such a big girl! :)