Friday, May 29, 2009


While we were "out of town" this week, we got to hit a local traveling market that we hadn't experienced before. It was a really fun market. They had a lot of cheap stuff. Aashini LOVES hats! (I think I mentioned it in the previous post). We only have a couple and she is about to outgrow them. So, when we found some hats at the market (that were cheap), we had to buy a bunch of them. Aashini went crazy! She LOVED them!!!Here she is with her hat about to go out on the town :)
This is one of her favorite hats :)
This picture just makes me laugh :) She was eating popcorn and I pulled out my camera and she "smiled" really big :)
This one is my favorite :) We bought this hat with fake hair - it was only $1 and too funny to pass up :) At first Aashini was a little terrified of it, but then she LOVED it :) We had a big mirror in our hotel room and she spent a lot of time in front of it :) it was funny :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Aashini Pics :)

We are currently out of town (I did the pre-posting thing). Well, we're sorta out of town... we are in the Capital, but an hour away from our house, so we're staying in this part of the city... Anyway, here are some Aash pics ;)
Aashini pulled out Adam's shoes the other day and put them on - she was so proud :)
Aashini loves playing in the little mall play areas :) This is an older picture from Mother's Day, but I thought it was cute. Aashini loves to be dressed up, wear dresses, wear jewelry... she's quite the accessorizer! When we leave the house she always asks for a hat :) Anyway, the other day she didn't have clothes on (she had just eaten and we usually at least take off her shirt when she eats at home b/c she makes a mess :)) - she doesn't like not to have clothes. If she doesn't have clothes on she'll come up to me and say "dress" and ask for something to wear. Well, the other day she wanted some clothes, and found a pile of clean laundry. She started putting the underwear over her head to wear... it was pretty funny :) Again... she loves to dress up! The other day she put all these things on (we helped with the pink coin belt thing) :) She had so much fun looking at herself in the mirror!When I got my ultrasound at the hospital the other day, there were a bunch of people waiting for ultrasounds too (for various reasons). Well, we all had to have full bladders for our ultrasounds, but then some emergency patients came in, so we all had to wait (with full bladders). We were all pretty miserable. Aashini decided to entertain everyone in the waiting room - it helped us take our minds off things :) She was dancing and jumping and running up to people - it was funny!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

12 Weeks!!!!!

I'm 12 weeks!! Yay!! I'm so glad to be in the 2nd trimester but I'm ready to feel the 2nd trimester! I really can't complain, I don't feel anywhere near as bad as last pregnancy, but I'm ready to feel good again :) Last pregnancy I started feeling good around 16 weeks, so hopefully I'll feel better by then :) I had an ultrasound yesterday and Pop Rock is doing good :) Everything is right on schedule and the heart was beating and all that awesome stuff :) I do have a little bit of a placenta problem like last time. It's a little separated but nothing like last time. It's only separated about 1 cm, so they said that with rest I should be just fine. Please lift that up :)
OK, so keeping with Tradition, here are some belly pics - haha! I always feel so silly posting these :) I am WAY bigger this pregnancy at 12 weeks than last time!! (I think this is what I looked like at 20 weeks last time).
So, for some comparison... Here is what I looked like last pregnancy at 12 weeks...... And this pregnancy (I even wore the same shirt)...
I'm HUGE! It's crazy!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day!!

Every year for Mother's Day Adam makes me a Construction Paper card :) They're really fun :) (Click on this if you want to see Previous Cards)... He likes to pick a specific memory from the year or something to put on the card :) This picture is from our Trip to Disney this year :) (The colors didn't come out right when we scanned it in, but Aashini's Mickey Ears are Pink :)) We were in two countries this year, so it's kinda on this card. I think it's really fun :)
Anyway, here it is!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Playing and Waving!

Hannah came over one last time before her and her family left for the states for 6 months. The girls are still at the age where they just play AROUND each other and not as much WITH each other, but they did play together a little bit! They had fun :)It was a hot day, so they decided they wanted to go swimming :) I like this picture because Aashini is trying to give Hannah a toy to play with :)
This picture totally cracks me up! haha! Aashini has gotten to where she LOVES to squirt people :) Although half of her face is cut off, I love the face Kari is making and the look Hannah is making - haha! I love it!
You can see Aashini's hair in this picture :) When we're outside her hair looks really blonde!!
When they sat in the pool (we just used the small pool, so there wasn't tons of room) they sat one behind the other... it was pretty funny :)
I like this picture :)
After swimming for a while they were done, so we dried them off and put their clothes on... then they wanted to go back out to the pool... haha! They had fun :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buddies :)

Some of our friends are currently in town :) It's been fun to see them and their fun kids :) We tried many times to get pics of all 3 kids together, but it never really worked out - haha! So here is Samuel, Hannah & Aashini :)This picture made me laugh :) I don't think Hannah wanted Aashini with her on her chair :)
Yesterday we took the kids to our mall. There is a play area in the mall that is really fun :) There were cars to ride in, things to climb on and slides to slide on :) It was fun :)
This is a bad picture, but Aashini had fun "dunking" the basketball :)
There were a bunch of cute little houses to play in. Aashini & Hannah had fun playin with each other through the window of this house :)
Here is our second attempt at a group picture :)
I love this picture (below). Aashini and Sammy look like they're really driving in traffic and looking at the same thing... Hannah looks like she's done with the traffic - she's outta there! :) haha!
Aashini has had fun playing with her buddies :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Belly Pics #1

I was going to wait until 12 weeks or so to start the belly pics... BUT my friend Kari is in town, so I had to get a belly pic with her before they left to go to the states for a while. That, and I'm showing WAY earlier this pregnancy! I'm already bigger than I was at 12 weeks last pregnancy AND my belly button is already starting to poke out!!!
Anyway, here's a pic... I think it's funny - haha!So right now I'm 9.5 weeks and Kari is... uhh... can't remember the weeks - but she's due in July.
I'm not sure what is going on in this picture :)
We tried to reinact our Jumping Picture from last pregnancy.
(we didn't actually jump this time though - haha! We faked it :))

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Car Seats!

We currently don't have a car, but will in the future... so, before things got crazy with traveling and the baby (and some special deals), we decided to go ahead and get a carseat. Aashini isn't used to a carseat. She had to use one while we're in the states, but other than that, she hasn't had much experience with them. So, to make the adjustment easier, we're keeping her carseat in the living room for now so that she can sit in her special chair. She thinks it's cool and likes to sit in it and read :) Let's hope she likes it when we put it in a car!... and here's a picture just for fun :)