Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Belly!! 33 Weeks!

That first picture is pretty funny looking... actually they all are :) I'm a little over 33 weeks now and feel like I'm ready to pop!!! This week my belly grew more - straight out!! The torpedo is coming!!! Jellybean has been moving like crazy lately and is much lower than before... I'm hoping that means JB will come early!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope so!!!
OK look at the pic below... the one on the left is from week 29... just a month ago!!!!!!!
OK and this pic below is for Emily... not my best photoshop work... I didn't really commit the time to it, but it's the belly shot without the shadow :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

32 Week Ultrasound!

So when I went to the doctor this last week, I told her about all my aches and pains and all my swelling... She was a little concerned about all the swelling (Feet, Ankles, Legs, Knees, Back, etc)... and she said (when she felt my stomach) that the baby felt a little small... SOOOOO... that means I got to take a whole bunch of tests! I did all the glucose tests, a bunch of blood tests, and I got an ultrasound (my next one wasn't supposed to be until 35 weeks, so that was a fun surprise :)

The only problem with the ultrasound was that the baby was big, and they were doing a special kind of ultrasound (where they were mostly testing the blood flow of all the major veins and the umbilical cord and things like that.... so I really couldn't tell what on earth was on the screen.... and neither could Adam...

When Adam saw the picture on the right (below) during the ultrasound, he asked the doctor: "Are those the baby's teeth"... he laughed a little and said: "No, it's the spinal cord" - then Adam said... "This is my first baby, can you tell?" and everyone started cracking up :)
OK, so the pic below isn't very easy to see or understand what's going on... BUT it shows that my placenta is in the right place!!! whoo hoo!!!! I don't have a "low-lying placenta" anymore! yeah!!!
So we got all the tests back and no signs of pre-eclampsia!! whoo hoo! So she said for the swelling, not to eat really salty foods, rest and prop up my feet :) The blood tests on the other hand said I am a little Anemic... My hemoglobin was 9 and it's supposed to be 12-14.... sooo... I'm taking more iron and eating things with more iron... The cool thing is that my doctor told me to eat this sweet (गुड) that we have here that looks like brown sugar b/c it has a lot of iron - Dude! What a cool Doctor! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

8 Months!

I'm officially 8 months now...32 Weeks! whoo hoo! My belly is HUGE! Some days I feel like I need a strap to hold it up! haha! I went to the doc this week and I gained over 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks... I've been swelling TONS... she said it's probably just water weight, but I had to have tons of tests yesterday to make sure... I'll find out more info on Tuesday, but I did get to have an ultrasound :) The baby was so big that I could hardly make out what was what! haha! OK, if you can handle it, look at the pic below... (mom don't look :)).... First is the "BEFORE PICTURE" - It's not the best pic, but it's the only foot pic I could find that was pre-pregnancy... mine is the white foot on the bottom...And now... this is the "AFTER or CURRENT Picture" This is what my feet looked like the other day when I got home - ewwww!!!!! Ahhh the joys of pregnancy :) haha! I know it's definitely worth it, but right now it's just uncomfortable :) haha!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So Many Preg Friends :)

Emily, Kari & I were hanging out today... so we thought we'd take some belly pics :) I'm 31.5 Weeks, Kari is 35 weeks and Emily is 33 weeks :)
We started off taking some more conventional belly pics :) (my bellybutton - and belly- are totally sticking out) :)This one (below) was Adam's idea... "Everyone sit on Andrea" haha! Here's a pic of us jumping :) You should have heard the 'thud' when we all landed - haha! I'm sure our downstairs neighbors were wondering what was going on!Pregnant Belly pics are fun! :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

31 WEEKS! whoo hoo!

I'm 31 weeks now! whoo hoo! How fun! The due date is getting closer and closer!! It's awesome! My belly is getting huge and my bellybutton is sticking out like crazy! haha! I can't imagine getting any bigger, but with 8+ weeks left, I know it's coming - haha! I think I'm going to really have a torpedo belly by the end of this!
On another note.... My friend Kari was in town the other day, and we just had to take some pics :) Kari is due Nov 21 and she's having her baby in the Mountains. You can click on that link to see my old blog posts from that area of our country - it's were we went to language school for a month last year :) Do you think Kari is having a boy or a girl??
So what's a belly blog post without a belly button pic :) Here's Kari and I pointing to our belly buttons :)
Oh, and Kari is having a girl :) Her name is going to be Hannah :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bellies :)

OK, so I seem to have a lot of pictures with bellies in them... and why not :) Tonight some friends came to visit and we went out to eat :) They have a cute little boy, Josiah, that's a little over 2 months old :) We had fun taking some pictures :) (and yes, I'm wearing the same shirt from the post below :))

Saturday, October 6, 2007

30 WEEKS!!!!!!

Whoo hoo!!! 30 weeks!!! How fun!! I'm officially over 3/4 of the way through - awesome! I'm so ready :) I could have the baby in 10 weeks (or less hopefully) haha! OK, so here's some random belly pics - Adam got "camera-happy" :)
I got an exercise ball to help with the hip pain I've been having (called SPD) and it's rocked :)
Adam thought we should take some pics :) haha! So I guess this is my 30 weeks photo shoot :)